Monday, April 8, 2013


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about HNT. You know how I love HNT, even though I never have time to take pictures anymore.

Things are moving forward on the apartment front. I'm going to see another apartment tomorrow afternoon. Though the owner is asking a lot for the place. It's ideal though. Perfect almost, we'll see though what it's like and how they take an offer.

Bf and I went to look at tiling for his new apartment. It's all so weird and often anxiety or fear filled but the tension doesn't last long and we iron it out quickly. I fear interfering in his choices so I try to back off, give him some help in aesthetic choices but ultimately the decisions are his.

There has been a major problem at home though. We've had a parrot for 15 years. We bought him together and hand trained him. He wasn't actually supposed to stay with us, the parrot was initially a gift for bf's mom, but she refused to take him in so we got "stuck" with him.

A few days ago the bird got sick, he stopped eating and was just sleeping. Things progressed and got worse so we took him to the vet Friday. By Sunday he got taken in and is laying on his side in a hermetic chamber with 99.9% pure oxygen. He's asleep and well, he looks like death on a stick.
Poor thing, I cried all Sunday convinced he wasn't going to make it through the night but he did and was up and getting around this morning. Once they gave him another injection of antibiotics though he collapsed on the floor of the chamber. We're hoping he'll survive but we're not sure how it's going to go.

Fact is, it just seems like he's really feeling our separation. It sounds crazy, but the bf, our neighbour and I all thought of it.

Last night bf and I stayed close in bed, no sex though and just holding each other or my foot over his. We both had a restless sleep knowing the parrot was at the vet's. Today I feel better but I'm sad and worried of course. I miss him if he isn't here, he's just part of the household, part of our routine, part of our lives together. After 15 years I'd be pretty upset to lose him.


Mike129 said...

Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear about the parrot. It is always so hard when our beloved creatures take ill. :-(

Advizor54 said...

it is nice that you and the BF can still find comfort in each others arms when you need it.

Our pets are incredibly intuitive at times. My cat would vanish when things were bad at home and then a bird would appear on the back porch when things had calmed down. Or, maybe, we all got along better when he was there. I'm not sure.

I hope he comes through OK, 15 years is a long time to have him around and that makes him a valuable member of the clan. Best wishes...

Malcolm said...

Sorry to read this, Cande. Even death is sometimes easier to bear than illness of a pet, one feels helpless and if your parrot is still at the vets it must leave a hole in your life. We have had to deal with so many dog and cat sicknesses in the last 22 years, I dread them as vet services here are poor and we are ignorant.