Friday, January 27, 2012


I don't actually remember the last time I french kissed the bf.

He tried to seduce me this morning. I was getting up for work at 7:30am.
It kinda annoyed me, I'm home every morning, I get up late, on every other morning and he chooses the morning I get up at 7:30?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New student

I have a new student. He's in his 20s and he's kinda cute. Tall, blond, blue eyes, not the typical Italian. I had a dream about him already. He's been coming for lessons for a two weeks now, but he does three lessons of an hour and a half each. That's 4.5 hours of seeing this guy a week.
The dream was not exactly erotic, but it was close. It was foreplay and cheating. I was in my study/spare bedroom with him, where I normally teach, there's a bed in there of course for guests and we were on the bed cuddling. He had a winter hat on, who knows why... maybe because he's balding slightly and it was my unconscious way of not accepting him as balding at 25. Anyhow we didn't do anything sexual that I can remember, but I think there was some undressing. That was until bf came home in the dream and we got back to the lesson.
The teacher student scenario turns me on like crazy and I had a hard time keeping myself calm during the lesson. Plus yesterday I did a little sexting with Rob and I still haven't gotten off from that.

Just the thought of anything with a student, especially one like this guy just drives me crazy. Bf would never walk in, it would be sooo hot to play.....
better not think about that....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have not forgotten my Blogger account. Although I have been rather lazy and perhaps even a little reluctant to get back to Blogger.

I have been hibernating basically. Even from Internet a little. I've been on my usual normal life social network but apart from that I haven't been using internet much at all.

I have gotten addicted to a TV series my father got me for christmas. It's a Danish series called "The killing" and it is good. Along with that I've been streaming the BBC Sherlock series as well, an EXCELLENT series that you should watch if you haven't seen it yet.

What's new?.... Hm Nothing really. I've been fighting a really bad cold and what might be turning into sinus infection for the past week. I've been working privately, so not with Co-worker.

As Rob often asks, "how's your brain?" My brain is fine, nothing really going on with my brain at the moment, I'm not over-thinking things which is good. I haven't had contact with the people that get my brain in a whirr lately.

Speaking of Rob we met up online the other day and had a lovely 1 hour conversation. Just chit chat. It was nice. Really nice. It was the type of conversation that keeps me smiling when I think back on it. He's going on holiday in Feb and I've been lazy about booking my ticket to the UK but that is my plan for spring. I just haven't figured out when yet.

There are things going on with work that make it difficult to plan for spring, and there's the fact that my neighbours are tentatively planning on moving out into a new place in March. I think I mentioned it before. I want to rent their place, make it into a private lesson studio and art studio. If I can get extra students teach groups it would pay for itself. If not I could rent it out on occasion to tourists who come in spring and summer. I'm rather excited about the idea. I just hope it works out.

I haven't heard a word from Co-worker. I sent him a Merry Christmas text and a Happy New Year's text, neither of which he responded to. I guess he's just decided to cut all electronic ties with me. He used to show up on my gmail chat, but he doesn't anymore. He's never on facebook anymore either. So bleh.... whatever.

What else has been going on? Hm well my health hasn't been that great recently. Between this horrible cold and my kidneys with probable stones, I've lost some weight (which is never good for me).
I went to my doctor asking to go back to see a Rheumatologist about the Fibromyalgia diagnosis from all those years ago. She basically advised me not to go but gave me the request anyhow. So I'll book it.
I just want to understand a little more about it. My father thinks that if I think about it and worry about it it'll make things worse, that it'll become psychosomatic.  He's probably right, but I do want to get another opinion in any case.
Problem is that I've found connections to kidneys on the fibro symptoms lists and I'd like to get some confirmation.... maybe I'm being a bit hypochondriac about all of this.... but I hate being ill all the time.

Men: I suggest you stop reading here. TMI WARNING

The last little bit of weird trivia about me is that I've started trying a Mooncup.
I was super gung-ho about it when I first started trying it. But at the moment I'm a little miffed. I can't get it to work, it leaks constantly. I have an inverted uterus and I'm wondering if that's the problem or whether it's because the pharmacy gave me the wrong size. They gave me the small rather than the larger I guess. I haven't had children and I'm only 33 so I figured it would work just the same.  I tried it for three days but alas I haven't found a position yet. I've had some unfortunate accidents, some that made me laugh and some that made me cringe in pain. But generally the experience has been neutral. I'm neither hating it nor really liking it. I will try it more... If it didn't leak I'd be really pleased... and use it tons. I'd love to save money on "feminine products"... and even do my part for the environment. I just wish I could get the thing to work.... anyone around use it? any suggestions?

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new friend

So bf has a new friend. He doesn't live in the same town as us but he comes to visit relatively often. He has a girlfriend and they've been together for about a year and a half. Oh and he's cute and... well, kinda flirty.

Just before New Year's the new friend and his gf stopped in for an afternoon and we got to talking. At one point his cell phone started ringing and he just looks at it then looks at his gf and says "its the crazy woman.", doesn't answer and proceeds to explain that he met this girl over the phone at work a while ago, and she started sending him pictures. (yeah right.... I know what's going on) Granted he wasn't in a relationship with his gf at the time of meeting this "phone woman" but he still receives pictures from her by email. And yes they are picture of her posing in all sorts of positions and clothes.

The point of this story is that I ended up defending him on why there were pictures of her on his computer still. He started explaining to his gf that when she sends him pictures he deletes the emails directly. But sometimes if he opens them the pictures get downloaded automatically.

He kept looking at me for confirmation, saying "Right? Right? you know what I mean" and I kept nodding and saying, "oh yeah, it depends on the format and email program...but yeah that can happen." And since neither bf nor this guy's gf know much about computers they both got sucked in...I'm assuming.

But to be honest, I doubt that's what's going on.

It was like he knew that he could rely on me. It was like he knew the stuff I get up to and was on my side... even if I know that's not the case. But there was definitely some sort of complicity going on there. He wasn't telling the truth, I could read it and I defended him, and he knew it.

Previous to that episode he stopped in on his own, just after Halloween, and he was in a rough patch with his gf. He's the same age as me and was, or perhaps is, going through a period where he's trying to figure out what he wants. We're going through the same things. We got to talking, bf was there too, but we could understand each other perfectly, reading between the lines of what the other was saying about partners. While bf was out of the room for a bit we talked more openly about relationships quite briefly there was no conclusion except that we're both in similar situations relationship wise and I gave him some rather basic advice.