Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of holiday

Yes, this week is going to be a bit of a race for me to get any blogging done. I got sis leaving and I'm working all at once. Work is intense this week too so it's going to be a long week. I can't wait till Saturday where I might catch Rob online in the eve or late day.

I've had some interesting experiences recently that I'd like to share. If I can manage I might try to get them down in holes of time. Otherwise everything will have to wait for Saturday.

I also wanted to do a second "Sex from the Past" post. I didn't reveal all in the first one.

I've also got some ghosts that I need to dredge up, some things to purge.

I'm afraid that there won't be an HNT this week for me, although I might be able to get one done on Saturday and post a late one.

Right. I hope everyone out there in Blogland is doing well. I tried to catch up on some reading and some responses. I'm off until the next "alone" hole of time. Otherwise that will be on Saturday.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holiday Time

I've got a quick internet connection in a Gelateria here while I'm on Holiday. I have read everyones great comments and I will be responding as soon as I get back home with a better computer and connection. I also want to catch up on some blog reading! I'm curious to know what I've been missing

It's hot, and we didn't get to do any diving so we've just been hanging out at the pool or beach. I got completely burned yesterday so I'll have some nice tan lines for the next HNT pic. ;)

Thanks for not forgetting me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sex from the Past

My sexual experiences as a child are very clear to me. I remember them quite vividly. Someone older than me, probably another child, and probably a girl, taught me to masturbate when I was about 4. I didn't know what it was, and neither did she. She just knew it felt good and decided to teach me.

One day I decided to share the great news with some friends of mine (two sisters), they were probably about my age, perhaps a little older, and they freaked out. They ran out of the room as if I had violated them, running to tell their parents. I guess their parents had told them not to touch themselves or something. Whatever, I never told anyone else about it.

Then I met a pair of twins, they were not identical, one was blond and the other brunette, they also had a younger brother. We were best friends from the age of about 6 up to about 13/14.

I had a strange relationship with them, my first sexual experience was with them. We were about 6 or 7 and we were upstairs in their house alone with their little brother and we were talking about how babies were born. They knew more than me, I think they had seen their parents have sex. They told me that a girl had to be on top of a boy to have sex. So I remember they got me to climb on top of their little brother, he was laying on a cot and I sprawled on top of him, both of us completely naked. I didn't feel aroused. I wonder if their brother remembers that. He was really really little, maybe 4.

The brunette and I had a strange relationship, we were playing together one day when we were older and she confessed that she liked to touch herself and that she reached a kind of climax. We were about 10. I confessed that I liked to do the same and we would often do it together, without touching each other, just side by side.

Then things got more involved. We started to play with each other. We would fantasize about boys, french kiss, (which felt like a squid in my mouth to me). She would even tell me that she wanted to put things inside me and we tried a few times, it would hurt more than anything. We had sex a few times as best two girls can at the age of 10 or 11. One leg over, one under, grinding together.

One day she wanted me to lick her. I refused, I really didn't want to. So she insisted and pushed until I agreed... funny part was that the only way she could convince me was by slathering cough syrup on her vulva so that I couldn't taste anything. So I did. It didn't last very long. She was loving it, but I was not. I think I asked her to do the same, but she refused and I missed out. I didn't push it.

We eventually grew apart. We didn't see each other for quite a few years and now we're friends on facebook but she won't talk to me. I think she's afraid of what I know.

In any case, my very first sexual experiences were with a girl. Strangely I'm not a lesbian. I love cock... a lot, but I can definitely say that I like women visually and I would definitely try a FF experience again. Why aren't I a lesbian if I could admittedly say that I find some women attractive? Because I don't get along with women as well as with men. I am much happier in the company of men.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dress. Part III

This time he grabbed the front of her dress in between his fingers. He poked the sharp tip of the scissors through the fabric over her right breast, and he let it fall from his grip as he eased the cold metal of the scissors over her skin and sliced a gaping hole exposing her breast fully. She moaned and spread her legs. She couldn't stand it any longer. She wanted him inside her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, not letting go of the scissors. He bent down and wrapped his mouth around her exposed nipple, pulling her back towards him, making her arch to match his pressure. When he came up for air, he moved his scissor-clad hand between her legs, letting her feel the metal once again against the now drying water on her thighs. Up and up, he moved towards her pussy but at the last minute swooping up to slice into the hem of the skirt once again, this time cleaving it in half up to her bellybutton. He stood back at his work of art, wondering whether any last touches needed to be made.

Her; back arched, tummy tight and wet showing through the new opening in the sliced dress, one breast exposed to the hot air of the afternoon, the other breast hiding beneath the fabric. Just the nipple hard and standing erect in the hole made for it. Legs spread showing the sparkle of her juices through the black lace thong. He was almost finished.

He approached her again and this time the dangerous tip went gliding over her vulva covered by a thin layer of fine black lace. She could feel the cold through the fabric. He pulled the thin layer away from her with his fingers and poked the shiny tip through the lace like butter. He got close, attentively examining the hole he had created, he eased the tip in further, opening the lace more as he watched the scissors touch her slit ever so slightly. She didn't dare move. She moaned, the hard metal, the danger and the ridiculous heat making her crazy. He slowly, cautiously, moved the scissor tip up, easily ripping the lace, moving the metal tip over her clit, the scissors becoming wet with her juices. He pulled them away to reveal her sex red and open, swollen through the opening he had made in the thong.

He stood back once again. She wasn't moving, legs wide, waiting. He couldn't tell if she was even breathing. She was in another world. She was perfect. Just the way he wanted her. Ready.

HNT.... textures

Basically the same picture, different textures, different filters, a bit like how we perceive life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dress. Part II

She stood anxiously by the table, uncertain of what he wanted to do. "Turn around" he said quietly as he placed the bottle of water next to her on the hardwood table. As she turned around to face the table she could feel his hand on her neck pushing her forward, she opposed some resistance to which he just pushed harder till she had to swing her hands in front of her so as not to bang her head on the table. With a quick sleek movement, his other hand groped for a drawer in the kitchen unit next to them, opening it and finding blindly a pair of scissors.

She could feel the cold of the metal on her legs; he was running it up and down her thighs. His hand still on her neck, forcing her onto her elbows, head down, hair in her face. She could hear that sheer sound of the scissors opening and the sharp point between her ass cheeks, grazing her carefully, moving along the seam of her black thong, up and finally out, back down to where the dress hem was now sitting, just below her ass.

Snip. He cut into the dress, giving it a new slit up the back. The slit was just long enough to show the triangle of thong covering her sex. If she were standing it wouldn't show anything of much interest.

This time the scissors ran up her back, over the dress to the bare skin on her neck and shoulder, cool enough to give her goosebumps and shiver slightly.

"Are you cold?" he asked. "No" she answered. At that he picked up the still cold water bottle and poured the water onto her back. The goosebumps rose, making all the hairs on her arms stand straight and she was suddenly aware of her nipples pushing against the fabric of the dress. He ran the scissors down her bare shoulder and snip he cut a slit into the back of her dress, at the nape of the neck, exposing a few vertebrae at the top of her back.

He released his grip on her neck and she eased up slowly, afraid he would push her back down. He grabbed her by the shoulder and swung her around to face him, ass resting slightly on the edge of the table. Scissors still in hand, glinting in the sunlight coming through the window. He asked her quietly again "are you cold?" "No" she answered, and again, as he did the first time, he picked up the bottle and poured the water down her front, slowly drizzling it like chocolate sauce on ice cream. This time it ran down her chest, and over her breasts, making her nipples hard and down in between her legs, down her thighs and over her feet onto the floor.

She could see that he was hard, his cock was evidently pushing out the top of his jeans. She reached one hand over to touch it, to release the button, to let it out, but his hand came down hard on hers, scissors and all, blocking her. Putting the water bottle down he concentrated on the scissors again, running them down from behind her ear down her throat over the dress to her left breast. Snip. He cut a slit just under her breast, revealing her wet skin. The fold of her breast where it met her ribs was just barely visible. Snip. And another just below her nipple. The slightest movement would make it pop out. She held her breath.

Quick note

Sis is here, we've been laughing tons, as we always do when we're together.

I still have him in the back of my mind though, its creeping into my hands, urging me to text a message, but I hold myself back. I just want to say hi, want to know if he's thinking about me. I'll wait.... if I can.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Dress. Part I

The dress

She walked into the store wearing a simple jean skirt and a pair of flat sandals.
She made her way over to the dress racks and flipped through the clothes like pictures in a book until she came to a simple black dress. It was soft, made of a mix of rayon and cotton. Short sleeves and a boat neck. It didn't look long, but she wanted to see how long it actually was.

She asked the shopkeeper if she could try it on and with a nod she headed to the changing room. She stepped out of her skirt, pulled her tank top off and slipped the dress over her head. It fell onto her slim frame delicately, falling over her shoulders, leaving one bare. It was the perfect length, it was short, but not too short, it came mid thigh and it stretched nicely across her body, tight enough to see her shape perfectly but not constricting.

"Yes", she said when she came out, dressed in her jean skirt and tank top again, "I'll take it".
The shop assistant carefully folded the dress and placed it into a purple packet.
Back at home the purple pack lay untouched on the table. Waiting, whispering to be opened. Yearning for him.

When he arrived he looked at the table, empty except for the purple metallic package. She watched him carefully from the other end of the room, biting her thumbnail, hoping he would approve. They didn't speak. He walked past the table and the package, ignoring it, over to the fridge. Grabbed the bottle of water and drank, letting the water run down his chin and neck. It was hot. It was one of the worst heat-waves they'd had in years.

Still, without a word, her standing in the corner anxious, waiting, hoping. He walked back over to the package and picked it up, pried open the tape with one swift movement of the finger and tilted the contents into his hand. He held it up for a split second, scrutinizing it briefly and then threw it at her landing it directly on her chest. Her hands moved awkwardly up to catch it. She couldn't read the expression on his face. She couldn't understand if he approved or not. Her curiosity was broken by his words. Simple and direct. "Put it on".
She didn't hesitate. She slipped into the bathroom and stripped off all the clothes she had except for the black lace thong she was wearing. She reached into the dress for the second time, pulling it over her head, checking her toned legs and ass in the mirror and adjusting her hair before opening the door.

He was leaning against the cool wall in front of the bathroom entrance, water bottle still in hand, dripping cool drops of water onto the floor. He nodded to her holding his hand out motioning back towards the kitchen table where the package had been.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Haha, sorry everyone, I posted my HNT post that I wanted to schedule by mistake. It'll show up in your lists... but it won't exist I deleted it... let's call it a preview!

This will be my last "real" post before the scheduled ones start. I will however try to keep up with everyone and comments late at night when everyone here is sleeping.

I've got some sex memoirs coming later in the week.

I thought I had scheduled the part I of the story for today, but I was wrong it'll be tomorrow. This is fun though, I like being able to ramble in advance. I'm curious to see what kind of comments will come my way (if any) seeing as I have a few new followers.

Righto, off I go to clean the house before sis gets here.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Odds and Ends.

I have prepared a story for the first three days of being away, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have scheduled the story to come out in three parts. I wrote it the other evening and thought it would be a good filler.
I'm not a story writer, nor do I write much at all, hence the very straightforward writing I use in my posts. I thought I'd give it a try though. Maybe I'll discover a hidden talent.

I enjoyed writing it, although I'm afraid I get a little lost in detail which ends up making the story a bit long winded. I need to get some lessons from Gray on how to write good short stories.
In any case I hope you all enjoy it.

I may try to prepare a few other entries that I've been thinking about.

On a different note I've changed my profile pic... and I'm still not sure if I like it so it may change again. I've also published an email on my profile page, I'll try to keep an eye on that account. I have so many, and I rarely check them, I'm afraid I'll forget. But here's to trying. If anyone wants to get in touch privately, that's the way to do it. I won't promise to answer, but I promise that I'll try.

I'm gonna try to get an HNT picture scheduled for Thursday too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Decyphering Men?

You have to wonder how men reason sometimes.

Two situations that make me think this week: One is a colleague at work, and the other is Rob (not terribly original am I?)

Let's start with the colleague:

Paolo is a hot, well built, blond, blue eyed guy about my age. He is artistic and creative and smart which is a turn on.

I work in an art studio where we have always had a guy around to do some of the manual work and to help out in general. The last one was also my age and we ended up having an affair which was a mistake in my eyes. He left and Paolo took his place.
Paolo is never around for very long, unless he needs the money, he prefers the solitude of a house in the hills to be creative and artistic.

So let's say I don't see him that often. When I do see him, there is an inkling of attraction. He makes pleasant comments about what I'm wearing, telling me I look hot, or being observational in general. I can never tell if he is interested or just being nice, or just play flirting.

I remember one episode where he unbuttoned the top button on one of my shirts, saying it was too warm to have it done up. I couldn't keep my mind off of him ripping my shirt open and taking me on the dining table in the restaurant where it happened.

In the past few weeks we have been working side by side more than we usually do. He has been going through some hard times with his girlfriend, he broke it off with her a few days ago, and she wants to get back together.
During this time he kept making comments alluding to dating me, that I had been with my boyfriend for too long and that it was time for a change, and that I wasn't his rebound (obvious sarcasm here). There was some minor physical contact involved, a nice long hug (for his birthday), an arm here, a hand there... you know, flirty stuff.

Today though, he flicked me on the ass. It was a first. I pretended not to care, he looked back, but I kept walking. It reminded me of Rob immediately. I wonder if it's a kind of signal that he wants to have sex with me. Probably not.

In any case I wouldn't (although I would like to) have sex with him. It's too close to home.

Lets talk about the second thing that makes me think.


Today we chatted on skype. It was nice to see him, it felt like forever since I had seen him. I have such a hard time understanding his mood when we're on MSN, it's easier when I can see him on Skype.

I was in a bit of a playful mood today so I made the promise that I'd fuck him. He told me not to make promises that I couldn't keep. I asked him why he thought that I couldn't keep my promise and he made me drop the subject. At another point I dropped the hint that I was going to get a flight to the UK for September, at first he didn't see the hint, he missed it (or did he?). The second time, when I asked him right out he ignored me completely. Only god knows what's going through that guys head.
I did however put him in a better mood than he was previously in, which makes me happy. He smiled a lot today, which makes me happy, and he made me laugh a lot, which also makes me happy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HNT.... Too Hot.

Just a thong I really like. It's too hot to be terribly creative. 35° in the shade is enough, right?


I have been working so much that I haven't had time to think really. Next week my sister is coming to visit me from far away. I don't get to see her very often and she will be here for 2 weeks. After which I will be on holidays, who knows where, so It will probably be a while before I get to post during that frame time unless I manage to figure out how to schedule posts (not to mention find the time to write them). I will be posting again before Monday (when sis gets here).

Don't forget me while I'm gone!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Music to Fuck to

There are songs which are a turn on just like that, by themselves. As soon as I hear them I get the impulse to put my hand down my jeans. These are songs that have the perfect rhythm to have sex to. They're slow, almost a pounding beat to them.

Some are faster but are erotic for the sensuality of the voice or for the melody which runs though you like a wave of spasms.

What kind of music would you fuck to? Is it slow and controlled? is it heavy and violent? is it fast and playful?

New work, new oportunities.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger town. Everyone knows everyone else here.

Today I went and did a voice-over for an ophthalmology video.

I was asked to show up at 2:30pm and I did. The doctor was operating and would meet me as soon as he finished. When he showed up I wasn't sure if it was him I was supposed to meet.
He was young (about 35) and very sexy. He had that five o'clock shadow that looks good on models and salt and pepper hair. He was tall and average build. Not muscular but not lanky. He didn't have an exaggerated amount of body hair (which some Italians have).

He walked me over to a wing of the hospital that was deserted. He asked the nurse not to disturb us since we had to record this voice-over. He ended up locking the door to the whole wing! We were left absolutely alone in a room with a cot covered with a green hospital bed sheet.

I actually contemplated asking him to take me right there. Hike my skirt up, lean over the cot, pull my panties to the side and have him slide into me, slow and sure. I'm sure he could have done a really good job of getting me off. I'm sure he would have licked the juices running down my thighs right up to my lips. Maybe he would have had me sit on the chair so that he could force himself into my mouth.

Instead he sat kitty corner to me, with a recorder in his hand. Ready to record my voice saying the cheesy lines of the text. There were moments of slight embarrassment, where we giggled about having to repeat lines. Moments where I waited for him to finish something so I stared and scrutinized his features or his toned arm. And moments when I was working on translating a phrase where I'm sure he pretended to work on the computer when he was actually looking me over.

It was fun. I may have to go back tomorrow... I hope.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I dream of Orgies?

I had the strangest dream the night before last.
I'm pretty sure I know what brought it on. I was reading "Friday in Vegas" on the "She likes it Rough" blog. It got me thinking about a Canadian couple I know who I could just picture doing that kind of thing. They're young, good looking and always curious to try new things. And they're always in Vegas.

I dreamt that I was in his parents' house. It is huge and full of strange rooms, There's a party going on and there are people in different places, holding drinks and talking. It seems very posh and almost yuppy (which they are). My friend Suzy asks me at one point if I want to join an orgy and I say that I've never tried it but that I'd like to.

Knowing that she is the jealous type I figure that I need to bring a guy with me so that I didn't jump on hers. (not that I'd want to, he's not my type). Then out of nowhere a hand nonchalantly caresses and squeezes my breast. It's Pacey from "Dawson's Creek" (how strange is that??) He takes me by my arm and we walk down a long hallway with a painting I vividly remember. (I memorize paintings in my dreams since I paint).

The painting was nothing special, it was narrow and long. Probably 2 metres long, with a giant wedding cake painted in a kind of cartoonish style on one side, on the other a man's shoulder and part of his head seen from behind.

We walk towards a set of big dark wood double doors which were partially open showing Suzy propped on an armchair with her legs spread and a man in between licking at her pussy. She is smiling and I'm getting wet, excited about who else might be in the room.

Then my alarm-clock went off. Damn.

It was such a vivid dream that I could almost re-create the scene last night before going to sleep, but if I dreamed an ending, I don't remember it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

G Quest "continued"

Alright. I went and had a nice long shower yesterday and did a little "research". I love using the shower-head on my clit. I had done some research on internet about where to find my G-spot, so here's what I found:

-as soon as the shower-head had worked a little of it's magic and I was lubed enough, I slipped my middle finger slowly in, being careful to pay attention to how things felt on the way in. I was looking for a harder ridged area just inside my pelvic bone, towards my abdomen.

- I found the ridged area. Pressing on it obviously compresses the urinary tract. ( my gynecologist had done that once to me before, seeing if I had a urinary tract infection).

- One thing I found strange is that there is a considerable "ditch" on either side of it. I mean it goes in pretty deep... not sure if that's normal. I'm sure a gynecologist would have told me if it wasn't though.

- I also think that most of the time, when I have sex it gets stimulated, it's quite prominent.

-Pressing on it while stimulating the clit was almost distracting. I can't say painful, but almost. Let's say it's a sharp sensation.

-When I came I didn't cum from the stimulation of the G spot, but I came from the clitoral stimulation of the water.

-I think I need more practice!!

Sorry that this wasn't more enticing, I feel very scientific about it all :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

G Quest

I'm going on a quest to find my G spot. I've never really tried finding it before, my orgasms are pretty amazing as is. They can be so intense they are crippling, I double over if I'm standing. Maybe I've been stimulating it without knowing it. Who knows? I won't until I try finding it I suppose.
Let the quest begin!

Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

flying too high

I know I shouldn't be dong this...

I've been looking at flights to the UK, it only costs €10 tax incl. return flight for September!!! That's when the M. A. concert is.... Ohh so tempting.


Happy belated HNT!

Here they are... the lost HNT pics that I should have taken on Thursday.

Coming up for Air

A day and a half of pure anxiety.
I was sure it was going to end. If it wasn't him to end it, it would have been me. My reasoning went like this: I don't want him to hate himself because of me and I don't want him to come to the point that he hates me.

I spent Friday working, trying to act normal. Making excuses for why I was such a mess, like: I haven't been sleeping well, I'm not feeling well.
My boyfriend kept asking me what I was thinking, and I kept making plausible excuses. I usually like it when he asks me what I'm thinking, but yesterday I just wanted to bury myself.

The BF finally went out yesterday evening, and I texted Robby to let him know I was on.

The first thing he did was apologize. He told me to forget that the whole thing happened. I told him that I didn't want him to hate himself because of me. He said that he does want it... "so there" (with an imagined tongue sticking out). I couldn't argue with that, I wasn't going to. I didn't want it to end.

We talked about it, we asked ourselves if were were "in too deep". We probably are.

Is this the passionate, unstable relationship I was looking for?
Probably the closest thing I can get to it. He puts a lot of passion into it, into me... about 8 inches deep... mmm I only wish.
If we ever got physically together I think we might catch fire.

I have had 3 physical 'affairs' since I started living with A, in the past 10 years. Only one was close to home, and it was a mistake... too close. The rest have been abroad, back home. I don't think I could ever bear the thought of it touching home. It's like another world, it doesn't have anything to do with Italy, that way I don't feel guilty (on the surface).

In any case I feel like I've recently come out of a 10 year slumber, my gears are turning again, mind reeling, and creative juices are flowing. I have to remember to thank him for it.

On a completely different note, I didn't have any time to myself to post an HNT pic this week. Today I have time so I will post one later.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The dream of him was superb last night. I could taste him on my tongue. He had been inside me, and I could taste the both of us. I don't remember ever tasting anything in a dream.

We played again today. Online of course. We had a long conversation before getting to the physical stuff. Things were said, things that were hard to understand, not because they were complicated words. But because it's hard to tell if he's being serious or just "playing with my head". I hope, I think, he may not be playing... he's testing the waters to see if he'll get scalded.

Things got nicely physical. With ice and cold water, dripping down my chest, onto my stomach and down into my panties. Drops of ice-water on my nipples making them hard. The ice-cube gliding over my clit making me moan. "Slide it inside" he said before standing up and leaving me naked on the bed to watch a solid wood door for a while.

The neighbor almost walked in. FUCK.
He was definitely a mess when he came back, perhaps even an understatement.
"I'll put my clothes on" I said.
"No, Make me hard again" he said.

We both came. It was fast. We didn't need to try. We didn't want to drag it out.

"I hate myself again. This needs to stop. It's getting out of control."

"We will stop if you want to stop (as much as it hurts me to say it), I don't want you to hate yourself for this."

Heart in my throat.
"let me know, It'll kill me not to know"

I don't want it to stop. The physical end is the least for me. I can live without that part. I don't want to lose this, him, the intimacy, the honesty...

It's not fair to him is it? or to the other her, or to the other him.

I'm selfish aren't I.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been wanting to write a general entry on random things.

The first is how happy I am to say that after just a few weeks of blogging I seem to have a fairly high visitor traffic. I'm curiously getting a bunch of hits from Malaysia, Singapore, India and the east, as well as the more conventional places like the UK and the U.S. . I wonder if my site was published on an Asian site. If anyone knows please leave an anonymous comment so that I can check it out. I think it has something to do with "friendconnect" or "open social". I've never heard of them. I'm curious though.

On a different note. At home things are going well. I had a very late night with Robby on Monday. He had a great story to tell me which made me smile and I keep thinking about it (and I stupidly grin every time I do). I feel like it's one of those things though that I want to keep private and I'm sorry to say that I'll be keeping it to myself. It suffices to say that it was sweet and it makes me think.
After telling me his story he kept insisting that I "talk". And it's MSN so I had to type. He wanted me to talk about "us" and him. So I did. The details have become foggy on part of that conversation. I know that he kept saying things about me, telling me such sweet things that would make me blush. I kept telling him to "quit it". Then I told him to "talk", and he said that he had a new game called "Blush or Gush". I asked for Blush first, where he told me what he thought of me... which was so sweet it did make me blush. Then he went into a long Gush. The goal of gush, for those of you who didn't catch the dubtlty of the term, is to get me wet.
He went into an hour description of my fantasy of being tied to a chair . It was yet again amazing. It certainly got me wet. It was full of teasing and every little detail of what he'd do to me. I resisted touching myself right to the end, when I gave up and rubbed my clit through my panties. The "Gush" ended at 4am.
We caught up briefly the next morning, until my bf walked in the front door and I had to quit MSN without him noticing. Upon which he threw himself on top of me and we had good but not extraordinary sex.

I'm in Robby withdrawl. Robby had defined himself a drug for me in the "frustrating conversation" before "The Belt" and after reading Advizor's The Weekend Where I Turn into an Addict. I realized that I'm right on that track to being a total addict to him. But I have to say that it feels good. I'm not putting my work on the line or my marriage (so far). It does however have it's flip side. I'm in withdrawl. I feel like I need to talk to him every day. I have to force myself not to tex thim. But I will survive and I'm happy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bloging is Good for the Soul

After The Belt (or possibly the frustrating chat before that) Robby and I have come to some kind of new understanding. During the frustrating chat I had told him about the blog. I wasn't initially sure that I should tell him about it, but we had been so honest with each other over the years I didn't feel like I could keep it from him. When I told him, he kinda took it the wrong way. I wanted to tell him about it without having him read it. I wasn't sure he was ready. In the end (as the conversation got more complicated) I pasted in the link and said "here, read it". He refused. And I knew that he'd eventually get to it, in time. During that conversation he finally came to the conclusion that it was fine, and that I needed an artistic outlet for what was going on.
In the conversations that followed I didn't bring it up much, but I knew that he hadn't been on (my site meter would have revealed that).
Sunday morning I find a heading on the sitemeter that could only have been him. I was curious and happy to an extent. To me it meant that he was interested in what I thought.
I wanted to text him to ask if he had been on, but I avoided it. I sent him a "hey babe, you good?" text instead.
The morning after I got a text saying that he was on line - from the night before. I went to check my emails and sure enough there was the longest email he's ever written me. It made me grin. He admitted to having read the blog. He read the whole thing. And he said that it had made him feel intensely jealous and it had made him grin.
Too sweet - is about all I can say.
We exchanged a few sweet and funny emails about the blog with the last one ending that we need to meet up a second time, with two tickets to see a concert, scarves to tie me up, and him... and was that all I needed? haha.
I don't think I'd need anything else... I can even do without food.

I like this whole situation. It makes me giddy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

extra (ordinary) marital sex

A got back from his holiday and it was a rocky return. We argued as soon as he got back but soon made up and had amazing sex.
Sex with him has always been pretty amazing. Although I have to admit it goes through periods, as I'm sure it does with most long standing couples.
I was in the bathroom drying my hair after a cool shower, (temperatures here haven't gone below 33 degrees in the shade, in about 4 days), he came in and hugged me and picked me up by my ass, pulling me onto his already hard cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist while he carried me into the bedroom where he pulled my panties off from under my skirt. He knelt down beside the bed pulled my ass close to the edge and started licking lightly. Sliding the tip of his tongue between my now wet lips. I don't think he has ever given me better head. It was amazing. I could have cum, but I resisted... I wanted to make it all last longer. I He flipped me over so that he was standing behind my raised ass and he slid his cock inside me. He fucked me from every angle. When he finally turned me around and had me slide on top of him, sweaty and hot, my body shook with the first orgasm. He didn't let up he kept pounding me as I was coming down and for the first time I came the closest I've ever come to a second orgasm.

I always come at least once with A, but I've never ever come close to having two.

Later that evening we had sex again. It started on the couch with the terrace doors and curtains open, it was dark so no-one could see in, but it was enticing to think that they could hear or possibly catch a glimpse.

Today he was frisky again, I was laying on top of him in bed when he started to get hard and he started pulling on my ass, stretching my undies across my it until it hurt and spanking me until I was dripping. That is also the first time he has done something that dominating. It felt so good, I don't know how or why he has changed his technique in fucking me, but I certainly can't complain!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Belt

I organized a meeting with Robby on line before the A got back from holidays. We had had an unfortunately frustrating chat on msn yesterday so Robby decided to make up for it. He promised me that I wouldn't have to touch the keyboard. He also said that he'd text me his demands for what I should wear this morning.

It just so happened that I got called for a job interview yesterday evening which would make me late for our "date". So I texted Robby to warn him. He said that he wasn't quite sure what he'd have me wear, but that the interview had given him some ideas.

I got the text late this morning:
'Ok, so I'm looking for the sexy sophisticated look. Short skirt, blouse, or shirt, hold up tights, high heels, glasses, hair tied back, sexy undies, etc. Use your imagination. Oh and you'll be needing a leather belt. xx'

I headed off to the interview excited about finishing it ASAP so that I could get back to get organized for the "show".

Aced the interview, jumped into the car and drove back home. Pulled on the shortest black skirt I could ruffle up, my black hold up nylons, black lace thong, my black corset with the garter incorporated, a white dress shirt, my black glasses and I tied my hair back the best I could. I grabbed my only soft black leather belt and threw on my black heels. Stepped into a pair of earrings and voilĂ  a hot, sexy office worker! All in 10 minutes!

Online Rob started by asking me to go through the checklist of what I was wearing. Making sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I stood up to show him the skirt bending over slightly to show him the tights, or where they finished.

After a 10 minute break (to post a letter, as he matter of factly said) he came back. He was silent. He was thinking. He wasn't sure whether to go slow or fast. I asked him what he'd do if he had an ice-cream, lick it slow or gobble it up. He said fast, but that I was better than ice-cream.

He asked me to unbutton the top button of my shirt, which revealed the top of the corset. And to hike up my skirt. Spread my legs, run my hands along my thighs... slowly. "does it feel good?" I nod.
He tells me to get the belt. and to run it along my legs down to my ankles. Tie your ankles together with it. done. He then giggles realizing that it's impossible for me to move like that and tells me to take it off. He tells me to rub it along my thighs, then up my body to my breasts and neck. Unbutton your shirt. I ran the buckle along my neck down my chest to my nipples. Cold.

Rub it between your legs. Feel good? Nod. The buckle against my clit. Cold.

I stand up. I have an idea. I grabbed a different belt, chain mail. Metal and cold. I needed something cold against my skin in the 33 degree heat.

I ran it along my body, feeling the metal against my skin.
Dangle it between your legs. Nod.
Does that feel good? Nod.
Can you feel the cold? Nod.
God you're so fucking hot
Pull it between your legs, front to back. On top of your panties.
The metal hard and cold against my ass.
Pull it back and forth.
I pulled it up slowly between my lips, my thong pulling with it, uncovering my flower. The rough surface bumping and vibrating across my clit, making me shiver. Back and forth. Up and down. Faster, slower...

Now thread it through crossways so that it's touching your pussy. left to right. Done.
Oh god I wish I was there.
Oh I like that.
Chest heaving, feeling faint, breathing too hard. Feeling faint.
Does that feel good? Nod
Back and forth, each cool link in the chains making me shake.
God I'm hard.
Take your panties off.
You need rougher?
You're the boss.
Rougher it is then...
Jerk it now.
I yank on the belt making it hit my clit, harder. harder.
Cheese grater. Giggle.
Nevermind. Smile.

Work your clit now, I wanna see how wet you are. Use your fingers.
Slide them in.
Too much. It feels too good.
Ok, now you're in charge, show me what you've got.
I turn around and show him my ass, and my pussy wet and full with my fingers.
I'd never get tired of fucking you like that.
I'd never get tired of you fucking me like that.

Get yourself to orgasm babe.
This is where I get you off.
i'm fucking you
I'm fucking you hard
your begging for it
you want it deeper, harder, faster, in your mouth, in your ass, all over you...

I came. I was sweating. It was hot. My body arching for the final contraction.

It was by far the best cyber fuck, I've ever had. I wasn't in control of anything. I let him take over completely.
I want to repeat the experience, except with him sitting there watching in person.