Thursday, August 29, 2013

A going away gift


There's nothing to click today, sorry.

With HNT gone I rarely post pictures anymore so I thought I'd post this to relive the moments. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take your towel

I'm going to N.America.... I'm leaving tonight and won't be back until mid September. I won't likely be posting as I won't have a computer with me... though you never know with smart phones and all.

And with that, since the post would be too short I'm going to regale you with a new formed hypothesis of mine.

An ex boyfriend of mine once said "anything the human mind can think up can be made possible". It's an interesting thought. It may even be true. But let's take that a step further. What if everything we write about does come true, let's say it's a given. Let's say that everything we can think of or make up will come true but we just don't know when. It's totally random.

So having said that. The dolphins are going to disappear one day leaving only a message saying "so long and thanks for all the fish" just before we get demolished.

Take your towel with you.

That is all.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hot and Very Humid

Alone, in the dark.
It's hot and very humid.
Tank top and light cotton white shorts, the type you can see every detail through.
Laying uncomfortably on a couch that is too short.
Hand over the crisp fabric.
Finger pressing, back and forth.
Then up and down.
It's hot and very humid.
The dampness seeps through the softening cotton revealing the smoothness of a freshly shaved pussy.
My fingers move down, and up and back down over my hole, feeling the heat, feeling the wet.
Wanting in.
Circling, a repetitive motion, over and over but this time under the fabric.
Direct contact is more intense, better, harder to resist.
The slip of the wetness makes it sublime.
Dipping down for more, bringing it back up, then in.
Just enough, just the tip, just to make me groan.
It's hot and very humid.
I'm wet.
From head to toe.
Hair sticks to my neck.
The tank top is slowly soaking with sweat.
My hole wants more.
But I stop.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am a hypocrite. I've never tried to deny it.

I don't want to confront the bf with my suspicion and have to share my side of things unless he brings it up of course, in which case I'd see how things play out.

To be honest I don't really know whether I'm going to get into things with him or not. I haven't decided. As Advizor says maybe it would just make things ugly and not change anything. I have been tempted to ask him directly, sure, but for now I've simply asked him about his nails.

His answer seemed logical, but there was a hint of floundering when I first asked. I wish I were a human lie detector. I wish I knew Tim Roth... I'd sleep with Tim Roth. Then again Tim Roth reminds me of Rob, it's the accent and well, some of his lines in "Lie to Me".

Back to the story.

So yeah his answer was plausible, but I felt like there was something more to it than that. Fact is, I don't know when bf would find the time or space to actually do anything. He's with me constantly. Maybe it's when I'm out of town that things go down.

To answer all your comments I'm pretty sure I'm ready to hear the answer. Though I'd be devastated, I'm sure, if he were seeing someone else. I don't know that I'm prepared to be honest with him unless he's figured it out himself. Maybe he knows and is just playing along to keep things together.

I wonder sometimes if I'm looking for excuses to break up. Maybe he's doing it to create an excuse to break up... Maybe (likely) my actions in looking for an apartment triggered everything.

You know, his biggest fear when I told him I was breaking up with him a year and a half ago (when I thought I wanted to break up) was not finding someone else. He complained that he was getting old and "who'd he find". That was one of his fears. Maybe that got him looking around.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Have I mentioned it before? Have I expressed my doubts around the bf? My so-called proof? 

I think he's seeing someone else. If he's not sleeping with someone on occasion he's thinking about it. There are clues, changes in his habits that prove it. Habits in his personal grooming and hygiene as well as changes in his way of thinking. I started to pick up on it about 6 months ago I think. 

He has been shaving his pubic. In 15 years he never shaved for me. He also stopped biting his nails... Or at least he managed to stop ganging up on one nail. One of his nails was almost gone due to him picking at it so much. It was disgusting really. I don't know when but he's managed to get it looking like the rest. 

Those are two of the more obvious things. There are other minor indicators around his personality and habits that ring warning bells: liking different types of music, downloading stuff he'd never downloaded before like international stuff rather than just local stuff. 

I'm really tempted to outright ask him if he's sleeping with someone else to see his reaction. But I'm not sure it's the best course of action. Any suggestions? 

Friday, August 2, 2013


and swallowed.