Saturday, October 24, 2015

Back Inside Me

The day I was flying over I was a nervous wreck. In fact the whole week before I flew over I was a wreck, I was barely able to eat. It was the anticipation of having to lie to the Bf, hoping he wouldn't ask me certain questions, praying he wouldn't keep me company at the airport as I queued for my check in at the airport.
Once I said goodbye to the bf in the airport parking lot I felt a weight lift from my shoulders but I still had a 5 hours or so before seeing Rob. He was going to pick me up at the airport.

I texted him from Belgium, yes I had a stopover in Belgium. He texted me right back, thank god. I was afraid the text wouldn't work or that something random would happen and I'd end up at Birmingham airport with nowhere to go.

When I finally landed it was pouring rain and I was stuck in a window seat next to two elderly ladies at the very back of the plane who wouldn't get out of their seats. When the plane was completely empty I finally figured out that they were waiting for wheelchairs. The hostess looked at me in surprise and told me to hurry because everyone was waiting for me (hey thanks for helping me out there lady, coulda' said something to the elderly ladies, or coulda' had me sit somewhere else since there were seats free). I ran off the plane into the pouring rain to find the bus full of people staring at me angrily. Niiice.

I got into the building and ran through the maze to get to customs and baggage claim, and was lucky enough to find the lines for the non EU passports to be very short. I got to baggage claim early and my bag was one of the first off so I rushed out to find Rob standing there, leaning on the railing.

We hugged, he took one of my bags and we walked over to the hotel. We had booked an apartment in Worcester but couldn't get the extra night there so we opted for a hotel at the airport since I was getting in rather late. It was basic but nice. We were both quite on edge. I was probably more worked up than him, at least he didn't let on that he was too worked up. We took off our shoes and I took off my wet sweater and we both crawled onto the bed.
I desperately needed a shower. I had worked that morning, plus the long trip. It would also help me relax a little. But first we just rested. I lay in his arms, head on his shoulder just taking in his warmth. He smelled as he always smells. It's that deodorant he uses. Whenever I smell it, it brings me right back to him. It's crazy how strong of a flashback scents can give us.

We stayed like that for a while, until our hands started to wander and it was getting harder to control ourselves. I just walked away, I had to. I jumped in the shower.

I jumped on top of him once I was out and clean. We kissed, I grinded my wet pussy down on his jeans, I undid his trousers and belt and just slid him inside me. It was that simple. We both moaned in pleasure at the penetration. It was a welcome sensation to have him back inside me. It was our first night. It wasn't rough. It was mostly slow and sensual. He went slow, very slow. He slid in and out so slowly I was basically begging him to ease back in. I spent most of that time in total ecstasy. To the point I was barely aware of what was going on. It was one of the few times I let myself go that far.
He came on my face, I asked him to.

I had to take another shower, and wash my hair.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On Gagging and Rough Sex

There's a point when gagging on cock, when choking, if held long enough, that your body just accepts what's happening.
It goes through a few phases. It starts with salivation, wanting the cock in front of you, pussy wet and tingling. Licking and sucking at a comfortable depth, hand working hard, slathering and getting everything wet. Then the first few attempts at going deeper. My body doesn't accept those first attempts, I go deep, come up for air, go deeper, come up for air, deeper yet again and I cough. It's like my body is going through a very contradictory motion of utterly wanting yet refusing something. There's no forcing the body really.
This time though, Rob held my head down. I would gag, convulse, but he just pushed me further down, and this is when I realized that there's a point when the body just accepts it. I stop breathing, but I'm not holding my breath. It's that I physically can't breath through my nose or mouth. The muscles in my jaw, neck, shoulders and eyes all relax to the point of almost going limp and his cock slides down my throat. It's a truly incredible sensation. I've never experienced it before.  I think I may have come close to getting all 7 inches of him down my throat.

This was our last time. I was badgering him for attention. He'd been solitary watching tv on the sofa and I was getting bored, I wanted anything, conversation, sex, games, anything would have quenched my boredom, as long as it was him to quench it. I admitted my thirst for attention and we decided on sex. It was a decision. We went through the alternatives and this was the best one. It was rough, in the bedroom (because, yes, we had sex in other places), he got me to my knees and pushed his cock into my mouth. Once he was done with my mouth, he stood me up, bent me over at a 90° angle, he yanked down my leggings, pulled my panties roughly off and whispered "are you wet?"
"What do you think?" I answered and he pushed himself roughly into me. He spanked me and gave me red hand prints on my ass. He pounded me hard, I admit it hurt a little, but he just kept going, he asked me if it hurt and I said yes, but he just kept going. He had me from behind, hand on the back of my neck pushing me hard into the bed as he smacked into me. He slowed down a little when, while my head was turned to the side, he grabbed my throat. He gripped it hard, to the point I felt like I was breathing at a 10th of my normal capacity. He asked if it was too much, I wheezed a no, and the grip got tighter until I had to mouth the airy words "ok, now."
He whispered obscenities in my ear and fucked me hard.  I came with his fingers in my mouth as he uttered "are you going to cum, you little slut?".
He pulled out, laid me on my back and knelt next to my face. He looked down at me as I fingered myself, "I'm going to get myself off again" I said and then asked him where he wanted to cum. He said "on your face, in your mouth mostly. The first one to cum pays for dinner." He worked his cock over my mouth, balls bobbing up and down into my mouth. I would reach out with my tongue and take them in. The sensation of a very full mouth and just having had an orgasm, being totally wet and knowing he was going to cum soon made me cum again. As I came I proudly exclaimed "I'm buying" and he looked temporarily confused then, the 'Oh' look on his face as he came too.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Before I leave

It's Saturday. Are you nervous?
I am. My stomach is in knots. I'm anxious and flustered. I feel like I'll never be quite perfect enough. I feel inadequate. I'm extremely aware of all my defects. Every little imperfection becomes huge.
I'm excited though. I'm looking forward to it. That's why I'm obsessing I guess.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting ready... but not really.

I should be packing but instead I'm wasting time on nothing. I should be looking for things to bring with me, gifts for people but I'm feeling lazy. It's raining, it's been raining since yesterday and it's going to rain for another day or two so I'm thinking of going into hibernation. Drinking hot lemon, ginger and honey, sitting on the couch and watching movies all evening.

In reality I've spent a lovely couple of days with the bf. He spent last night here, we worked on editing his nieces wedding video together both last night and this morning. We work well together on this sort of thing. It's fun even, we don't argue and we both work selflessly to get a good result. There are no squabbles about anything at all. It feels good to work together to accomplish something so nice for someone else.

I'm leaving Monday. Monday afternoon the bf will be driving me to the airport. A couple days ago I mentioned in passing that I was flying in on Monday but that I wouldn't be meeting my friends until thursday morning and he got stiff and worried. He asked me why only thursday... we'd already discussed it a while back so I just reminded him they were busy on the other days, which is mostly true and I had to get an earlier flight because it was the cheapest flight.

I could feel the tension. He suspects something. He always has with the UK so, as always I need to be careful.

I need to talk to him the day after I get in. Make sure I settle his nerves. I need to figure out all the lies I need to tell him. Sounds awful... it kind of is.