Monday, February 25, 2013

A Week Ending in a Nice Sunday Afternoon.

Written Sunday Eve    

I decided to take a walk in the park today. It was sunny but crisp and cool, I had my ipod on shuffle with slow but upbeat music. It felt wonderful to have the sun on my face and the liberty to just wander slowly. I thought what a great moment it was and how nice it would be to be able to couple it with good a conversation with Rob. It was just a thought, fleeting really. I set it aside knowing he wouldn't be around on a Sunday afternoon and avoided the disappointment of sending him a text and getting a 'no' back.
I took my walk, happily, taking pictures enjoying the music. Teardrop came on by Portishead. It's a song that we both have a connection to and it made me think of the time he told me he'd heard it on the radio in the car after a great game of golf and how it reminded him of me. I smiled, enjoyed the song and looped back round to leave the park to head home.

I was crossing the bridge over the train tracks when my phone buzzed, a text from Rob with a simple "ok?"
I text him back "you reading my mind?"
I go on Skype and sure enough he's there. We talk, I continue my walk in the sun, I head to another park enjoying the conversation.

He notices my text after we'd been on the phone for 20 minutes and he asks why I had asked if he was reading my mind.

I tell him simply that I'd been thinking of him.

He says that it's not the first time something like that has happened. He didn't go into details, and I know he has texted me before when I'm thinking about him. I've asked him if he's reading my mind on other occasions. A long series of coincidences you might say but he joked that we have some kind of telepathic connection. We laughed about it, was it radio waves, microwaves, or gps, or maybe it's our phones...

Truth is, I think about him a lot and maybe it would be hard to catch a moment when I'm not thinking about him. But what makes me smile is that perhaps he thinks about me enough to warrant similar connection probabilities. Either way, I like it.

BF & Valentines
I woke up Valentines day morning expecting nothing. I was hoping bf wouldn't do anything, it would have been easier for some reason, maybe I wanted an excuse to be grumpy that day. He had to go out that morning and I had a lesson but when I got up, there was a vase with 3 roses and two fresh croissants from the bakery on the table waiting for me. I texted him a thank you some hearts and a kiss, and that we'd eat them together after lunch. He came home happy, though I think he had left that morning a little miffed (not sure why).

Office Guy
Office Guy is back. I was convinced he was getting back on Monday, but it turns out he was back in the office on Friday and I happen to go past his office twice on Fridays. He emailed me after I saw him, I emailed him back asking how his trip went but it's pretty clear that we're just being friendly. He got a weird look on his face when I walked past.

Big Bang
I've been really lazy lately. I've just been zoning out on tv a lot these days. To be fair though, it hasn't really been tv. It's been streaming of the Big Bang Theory.

I have developed a crush on the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons, I know... I'm weird. When I first started watching the show I thought I might get a crush on Leonard's actor (Johnny Galecki) because he's seemingly more attractive than the Sheldon character, but in the end Jim Parsons won. He's hot... Ok and he's gay, but who cares. He turns me on. I've always had a weakness for tall and lanky. The character's personality reminds me of my neighbour who is officially OCD. Sheldon is dysfunctional and sociopathic but there's something I really like about him.... ok... so I'm weird, shoot me.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Everlasting O

It's been almost exactly a month since we last had sex. I climbed into bed with him this afternoon just wearing panties and a sweater.

It was good, normal sex. Nothing extraordinary... Except for the fact that I had a different type of orgasm. It lasted forever it seemed to never end. I was working my own clit while riding him and at one point I must have gushed... I drenched bf. I'm not really familiar with the whole gushing thing... But the orgasm didn't finish there it just kept going. My hand and inner thighs were covered in fluids, and so was his cock and balls. When I did finish I'm guessing a good three minutes later, I moved off of him and wanked him till he came.

It was good. It was yummy. I want more Os like that.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Positive Thinking

I've had a nice Sunday. It started last night with a blustery storm and some Big Bang Theory until 2 am laughing and giggling alone sitting in the spare bedroom as the bf got some rest since he's had a nasty cold for the past three days.

I slept until 11 and lounged until noon and then when he was sure I was awake he started playing some new music he downloaded. He's making an effort to listen to new stuff recently. I'm not sure what's gotten into him, maybe the whole moving thing has him thinking he needs to change.

Whatever, it was nice. The music was good. He then quizzed me on all his new songs to see if I knew the artists and song names. I knew most of them. We then headed over to the 500 best songs of the century on the Rolling Stone Magazine site and he quizzed me from there. Letting me hear a snippet of the song and asking me who the artist was and the title of the song. We probably played for 4 hours. Just listening to good music and laughing together.

Office Guy

He's gone for the next three weeks. I'm kinda relieved. He'll be in Mauritius. I envy him. I want a warm vacation in the water.... diving, watching cuttle fish and octopus and nudibranchs.... man, I'd love to be diving right now.


I haven't really heard much from him recently. I miss him and I've been studying ways to get over to the UK. I have found a course I want to take over there, it's an art course. There are a few dates I could go for, but the most likely one is July. It seems so far away. I'd happily go in April or May, but I can't find what I want until July. I'll do some more research and see if I can go more than once.
I know... slap me on the wrist. I'm terrible. Plus I might have to go back home for September this year which is going to be an expensive trip so going to the UK twice as well would just be expensive... but I don't really care. The flight won't be too bad, I'm looking at about €130 It's the hostel costs for over a week that will be expensive.

Other stuff

I'm in a pretty positive mood. I'm confident I'll find a place perhaps soon, maybe not so soon. But I will find something. My dad has been good at keeping me positive. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. I just have to be confident that things will happen, and they will... It's that simple.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Loop Sequence

It's hard for a brain (maybe just my brain) to come up with unique scenarios. Generally the same ones are revisited and revised in my head until I cum.

I can feel the sensation of his hands on my skin, caressing my legs as he enters me. His eyes fixed upon me and his smile, he nods as he reaches deep inside me. This scenario is sweet, it never makes me cum. This is the foreplay. What makes me cum is thoughts of the naughty stuff. It's odd though, if I think about it, because this stuff is most likely to make me cum in real life, the slow attentive fucking. I think this means that I get off more on what gets him off.

Sometimes I imagine myself on my knees in front of him as he sits or stands before me. I worship his cock. Sometimes I look up at him and speak, asking him to fuck my mouth or my pussy. Sometimes I'm quiet and let him guide my head further and further down until I can't breathe.

Other times it's a loop sequence of him taking me from behind bent over the desk in the first room we fucked in, the desk with the mirror in front of it. It's violent and rough, banging fast. Smacking into my ass making me moan as I watch everything in the mirror. One of his hands is grabbing my hair pulling my head back, stretching my neck.

It's my own hands moving over my skin, grazing and caressing, pinching, pushing and grabbing to reach the same completely different goal.