Monday, March 30, 2015

The Belt part II Re-post

So as I promised here is the second Belt post. I'm not entirely sure why I liked this post so much more than the other one. Maybe the memory of getting drunk on sex, it happened to me when I finally had sex with him too. My teeth tingle and I get light headed, I feel my skin get taught over my belly. It's a strange sensation but I love it.
Just a reminder: this post was written before we met up. I didn't know what he felt like inside me. I could only imagine how much of his cock I could take into my mouth.


He asked me if I wanted to do "The Belt" part two. How could I possibly resist.

I was turned on the minute Rob sent me a text this morning saying that he was rock hard in bed wanting to push his cock into my pussy.
We talked nicely for the first while, I kept hinting that I wanted something more. He played and teased me until his suggestion came. We were looking for something different, fingers weren't going to be enough today.

I grabbed the belt and organized myself. And I watched him closely. He told me exactly what he wanted me to do.

-Slap yourself with it.
-put it between your legs over your panties, and pull on it, long and slow strokes.

Each link bumping slowly against my clit, dragging my panties with it, pulling them tighter into my ass and then back again, tightening them on my clit. Back and forth, it was almost unbearable.

-Spit on your fingers, rub it on your pussy then slip the belt through the sides of your panties.

I did as he said. I was already wet, but this made me downright slick and I shivered slightly with the cold metal on my skin, feeling the links against my freshly shaved pussy.

-Pull your top down so your nipples are showing. Pull on them. Wrap the belt around them.

I wrapped the belt around my chest. The cold buckle on my nipple. It was rough and cold, but it made my nipples hard. It felt good. I like anything tight.

-Pull it tighter, hurt yourself a little.

I pulled it tight, feeding the buckle more and more length, pulling my breasts closer together. It was almost hard to breathe, but it felt so good to be back in his hands.

-Ok, enough take it off.

It was enough to make my breasts slightly red, I looked down and laughed at myself. He smiled.

-Back to your pussy, put the belt through front to back, under your panties, spread wide. Now push some of it in.

It hurt a little, the links pinching, I had to find the right combination of movements to get some of it in. I bunched it up, the cold metal warming to my skin.

-Hold it there. Now rub your clit with the other part.

The belt was ever so slightly inside me, and I took the top half and rubbed it against my clit. The belt was now wet, sliding easily over my skin as I took the top section of chain mail and rubbed it quickly across the most sensitive area. It was getting me to the brink, just the thrill of pushing metal into myself on his orders.

The belt was eventually abandoned. I resorted in my fingers. He had me spanking myself and pushing my fingers in, banging myself and calling me a slut, his slut, until I came. I was dizzy from breathing so hard. I love that feeling of getting dizzy on sex. Getting drunk on it.

He was eager, watching, smiling, and resisting. He didn't touch himself but he was hard. He showed me like a good boy when I was done. He was huge, as usual. I asked him if I could watch him get off.

He had just shaved his marvelous cock, his balls were smooth and obviously nice to play with because he started there. God how I wanted to take them into my mouth, lick them, and get them totally drenched. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted it against the back of my throat. It's a massive piece of work, I'm not sure I could handle it all. But I do want to try.

He asked me where I wanted him to cum. I asked him to cum on my tits first, making my nipples wet and slick, so I could rub it all in. Then on my lips and chin, so I could lick it up.

He came hard. All over his dining room table, he tilted the camera to show me. Holy shit, that was a lot of cum. I wasn't expecting it. But it was so hot I wanted more. I always want more from him.

It's crazy, I have to control myself.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Belt, Re-post 1

So I went out the other evening and in my frenzy to get dressed I grabbed an old belt I hadn't warn in ages. It was the only one that worked with the outfit but oh what a belt it is...

Shortly after I started this blog, Rob and I had two online events that featured this belt.

The memories obviously came flooding back to me as I wore that belt. It had been a long time since I'd worn it and an even longer time since I thought about those encounters. In reality I'd even forgotten it was two episodes. So I've decided to re-post them.

I've made some changes to the original post due to the fact that I now call people slightly differently on here.
Keep in mind that we were not using audio at the time. I hardly spoke at all because I wasn't allowed to touch the keyboard. He was typing.

I have a personal preference for the second episode, but we must start at the beginning... 

1st of July 2009 (omg it was 7 years ago?!?)

I organized a meeting with Rob on line before the bf got back from holidays. We had had an unfortunately frustrating chat on msn yesterday so Rob decided to make up for it. He promised me that I wouldn't have to touch the keyboard. He also said that he'd text me his demands for what I should wear this morning.

It just so happened that I got called for a job interview yesterday evening which would make me late for our "date". So I texted Rob to warn him. He said that he wasn't quite sure what he'd have me wear, but that the interview had given him some ideas.

I got the text late this morning:
'Ok, so I'm looking for the sexy sophisticated look. Short skirt, blouse, or shirt, hold up tights, high heels, glasses, hair tied back, sexy undies, etc. Use your imagination. Oh and you'll be needing a leather belt. xx'

I headed off to the interview excited about finishing it ASAP so that I could get back to get organized for the "show".

Aced the interview, jumped into the car and drove back home. Pulled on the shortest black skirt I could ruffle up, my black hold up nylons, black lace thong, my black corset with the garter incorporated, a white dress shirt, my black glasses and I tied my hair back the best I could. I grabbed my only soft black leather belt and threw on my black heels. Stepped into a pair of earrings and voilĂ  a hot, sexy office worker! All in 10 minutes!

Online Rob started by asking me to go through the checklist of what I was wearing. Making sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I stood up to show him the skirt bending over slightly to show him the tights, or where they finished.

After a 10 minute break (to post a letter, as he matter of factly said) he came back. He was silent. He was thinking. He wasn't sure whether to go slow or fast. I asked him what he'd do if he had an ice-cream, lick it slow or gobble it up. He said fast, but that I was better than ice-cream.

He asked me to unbutton the top button of my shirt, which revealed the top of the corset. And to hike up my skirt. Spread my legs, run my hands along my thighs... slowly. "does it feel good?" I nod.
He tells me to get the belt. and to run it along my legs down to my ankles. Tie your ankles together with it. done. He then giggles realizing that it's impossible for me to move like that and tells me to take it off. He tells me to rub it along my thighs, then up my body to my breasts and neck. Unbutton your shirt. I ran the buckle along my neck down my chest to my nipples. Cold.

Rub it between your legs. Feel good? Nod. The buckle against my clit. Cold.

I stand up. I have an idea. I grabbed a different belt, chain mail. Metal and cold. I needed something cold against my skin in the 33 degree heat.

I ran it along my body, feeling the metal against my skin.
Dangle it between your legs. Nod.
Does that feel good? Nod.
Can you feel the cold? Nod.
God you're so fucking hot
Pull it between your legs, front to back. On top of your panties.
The metal hard and cold against my ass.
Pull it back and forth.
I pulled it up slowly between my lips, my thong pulling with it, uncovering my flower. The rough surface bumping and vibrating across my clit, making me shiver. Back and forth. Up and down. Faster, slower...

Now thread it through crossways so that it's touching your pussy. left to right. Done.
Oh god I wish I was there.
Oh I like that.
Chest heaving, feeling faint, breathing too hard. Feeling faint.
Does that feel good? Nod
Back and forth, each cool link in the chains making me shake.
God I'm hard.
Take your panties off.
You need rougher?
You're the boss.
Rougher it is then...
Jerk it now.I yank on the belt making it hit my clit, harder. harder.
Cheese grater. Giggle.
Nevermind. Smile.

Work your clit now, I wanna see how wet you are. Use your fingers.
Slide them in.
Too much. It feels too good.
Ok, now you're in charge, show me what you've got.
I turn around and show him my ass, and my pussy wet and full with my fingers.
I'd never get tired of fucking you like that.
I'd never get tired of you fucking me like that.

Get yourself to orgasm babe.
This is where I get you off.
i'm fucking you
I'm fucking you hard
your begging for it
you want it deeper, harder, faster, in your mouth, in your ass, all over you...

I came. I was sweating. It was hot. My body arching for the final contraction.

It was by far the best cyber fuck, I've ever had. I wasn't in control of anything. I let him take over completely.
I want to repeat the experience, except with him sitting there watching in person.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mash Up

So HNT went up, did you find me??
I'll give you a hint: I'm lacking a little colour and you can play with me... literally.

What else is up?
Hmm. I'm angry at Co-W... I've been in a bit of a mood these days anyhow but things at work are annoying and he hasn't been helping. I could rattle on about what he did but I'd rather not.

Today I wasn't expecting him to be at work, actually I was kinda hoping he wouldn't be there, he often isn't there on Fridays. But he was. I had to pretend not to be mad at him. I didn't want to get into a discussion about what had happened. He noticed though I think, I can't think of any other reason why he'd really come down hard on flirting and playing around today if he didn't feel my vibe of pure "couldn't give a fuck".
Even after we'd gone home he kept texting me. I doubt he knows that he's pissed me off though. I imagine he probably just thinks I've got my mind elsewhere.

My best friend in Canada is coming to Europe in October, specifically London. I've already said that I'd meet her if she was sure she's coming, there's still a chance she won't come. I have mentioned a couple options on meeting with Rob but he hasn't said anything about either. One was obviously the UK seeing as I'm likely meeting my friend there, and the other was the possibility to meet in France. I'd love to get back to France to practice my french a little more this year, who knows.

Tomorrow I'm doing a craft fair. It's my first. I'm rather stoked about it, though I'm also quite apprehensive. I'm worried I'll have worked and created for nothing. We're (me and some friends) have got a table in the main square of town it also feels rather exposed and I'm sure a ton of people will be there. I'm going to feel a little embarrassed, I know a lot of people in this city, I have taught a large number of the inhabitants. I'm sure I'll see people I know. It's a little scary really.... wondering if people will appreciate my stuff or if I just won't sell anything. At the same time though it's exciting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Can You?

Can you get off without a screen in front of you?

I do think that this problem might be an issue for some women too. I have felt like I've come close to being at this point. My advice? Moderation. Get away from porn for a (long) while until you can get yourself off with your hands and imagination, stay there for a while and then bring porn back in gradually and only occasionally. Switch things up. Don't always get off in the same ways, especially not always with visual stimuli.

Oh and before you go off the visuals... get over to HNT on Thursday!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Call for Half Nekkid Pics!

So Guess what?!? HNT is making a brief comeback!! I'm excited as hell.
It was all in lieu of Google's (Blogger) threat to take down our blogs due to their explicit nature. The original plan was to go out with a bang and post a whole bunch of "artistic nudes" in protest.

Since Google retracted its decision Osbasso decided we'd still go ahead with the picture party. I guess it's now going to be a celebration that we're staying.

Soooooo if you want to participate (you don't have to have a blog to participate) you can send pictures to Osbasso at:
You still have a week, so get your pictures in!! 

You can go see the submissions on the 19th over at The Other HNT.

Have fun!

**Oh and please, no gratuitous bodily fluids... we do have to keep some "artistic qualities" to these pics. Yes boys, that includes no cum shots and girls no creampies or anything else that would constitute bodily fluid... you know what I mean.**

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I think  a shower is basically the highlight of my day in winter especially. I really suffer from the cold and always need serious heat to get my circulation going.
If I had the possibility I'd take baths, I love baths even more than showers but where I live tubs are almost an extinct species.

When I shower I have a very precise routine. It's the same every time unless I'm completely out of sorts or in a huge rush.

I always start with my hair, I shampoo, scrubbing my scalp, and letting the suds run down my body. I rinse and then add conditioner and let it sit through to the end of my shower. I usually use dove soap (though in summer it might be Dr. Bonner's mint wash) and I shave and I soap everything up and get clean. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair and I then have a special "intimate" soap I use for my lady parts. If I need to shave down there, I'll use that wash as shaving cream.

Sometimes after I've done everything I'll treat myself to an orgasm in the shower. It's one of my favourite ways of getting off, though my preferences do vary a fair amount. I'll lean against the shower wall and take the shower head out of it's holder and change the setting from "rain" to somewhere between "rain" and "massage". Then I aim one of the three jets on my clit.
 It's intense. I can't do it long, I have to move it away and come back, and back and forth until my clit is used to the pressure. Sometimes I'll aim a second jet to the hole, stimulating the entrance, the two together is an incredible sensation.

My hands are diligently on the shower head, no fingers touch. It's only the water doing all the work. My hands guide the jets sometimes, a finger pushing the water to lessen the jet or to strengthen it. They generally move the shower head in a circular motion or even up and down. It won't take me more than a few minutes to get off like this and the results are crazy intense. I hope my neighbours can't hear me, though I'm sure they can. I have to stifle my voice, bite my lips, groan through my nose.

I'll end up doubled over, panting.... trying hard to catch my breath. One hand will be on the shower head and the other will be pressing my clit to ease the sensations. I'll hang on the shower bar to make sure I don't pass out from the heat and my hyperventilating.

Ok... I definitely need a shower now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No Title is Better than a Boring one!

After the ordeal with Blogger I had a little rest from Blogging. I was really put off by Blogger's threats and when they first occurred I really figured they were a bit empty. When doing a little research to find out more I came to realize that the threats were indeed quite nasty and, well... threatening. It meant going through over 700 posts on my blog looking for incriminating images or links to porn sites. HNT pictures would have to be taken down. It was going to be a huge job.

It was forcing me to make a decision on whether to even continue my blog or not. Moving everything over to a new blog including readers/followers would have been a challenge... not that there are many people who continue to follow me here but still, I've carved myself a little place in cyberspace and I hated to think that I'd be losing it to a bunch of bureaucracy.

Apart from all that crap, what's new?

Well last time I heard Rob's voice was ages ago. The last time though he kept insisting I tell him when and where we were going to meet. It was very sexy to hear his desire so urgent. It's a pity it died down almost immediately. Fact is he planted that little seed in my head and now I'm thinking, and even looking at flights for spring and summer. If we met up I said that we'd probably have to meet somewhere other than England. France was a real possibility so that's where I'm aiming my research. I'd love to take 2 weeks and practice my french, just travel around a bit.

Co-W/Rob (thoughts)
Well the bathroom comments have been ongoing, every day. There have been no actions, none, which I still don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably a good thing. We joke quite openly about it so I guess it's also just show and play no reality whatsoever.

It's weird, my feelings are a little bland for him right now too. I am tempted by the fact that there is something to be tempted by... but it doesn't make my gut jump like thinking about Rob. It's like the electricity is running low or something. There are times when I think of Rob and my stomach feels like it's on a roller-coaster.

Right now though, to be totally honest, my libido is high but I don't have a focus and it's harder for me to get off without one. Rob is a little distant, busy I imagine. I'm also busy so less present. And the Co-W vibe isn't strong enough to get me off, I have to use a ton of filler of other crap like porn vid memories to get off and that kinda sucks. I'd rather work from memory or fantasy and there isn't much of either right now.
In the meantime I have learned that my fantasies, the ones I work from without any aid, have to be real... real possibilities or real past actions. They can't be impossible, they won't work which is why the thing with Co-W is so wish-washy.