Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get your panties in a bunch.

When I don't want to get my hands dirty I get myself off from on top of my panties. My fingers circle my clit while, with the other hand, my fingers slowly tease my hole. They press ever so slightly at first, my nails grazing back and forth until I can feel the damp work its way through the fabric. Then I push the fabric in, just a little and they get wet, the fabric saturates.

I can feel the fabric with my muscles contracting, even if it's only in by that fraction of an amount. 

The sensation will make me cum. It's hot. The thought of getting myself off like this, it turns me on.

Monday, February 24, 2014

As promised.

I guess it's time for more pics!

I've actually been kinda horny these days. I think it must be the fact that spring is in the air here. It's actually sunny and kinda warm on occasion. I think the gray days and rain just bring me right down. I need to live in a place with dry heat all year round. Some desert somewhere.... egypt or Jordan or something. Maybe I'll fall in love with a Bedouin and move into a cave in the desert...........

^c-lick me^
Toodloo people.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A smile

I got the sweetest smile from a guy in a Greek takeaway place today. 
He had been eyeing me sice my friends and I walked in. We exchanged a few glances and smiles during friendly conversation with the owner but it was when he left that was the best. 
As he turned to leave he said goodbye and thanked the owner, he looked at me as he said goodbye so I answered with a smile and a goodbye back. Once out the door though he turned too look at me as he shut the door and then again as he walked down the steps, both times with a nice smile.

I like clean shaven men, this guy, probably my age, had a very full beard. But he  was cute... His smile was cute. 

I loved the deliberateness of it. The fact that he turned to look twice, making sure I'd seen, without a word or expectations. 

It was a nice perk to my already nice day. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Sometimes I just want a man to take what he wants during sex. I don't want to have to explain things or ask for things. I feel like he should just take what's his, use me as he wants. 

Sure it can't always be like that but I think that many men are afraid to just take. Afraid of getting blamed for using and abusing. But there's a difference between using and abusing. Or maybe they'd like to but are shy or self conscious.

I personally get turned on by whatever turns him on. Sure there are limits, but those can be established beforehand. 

Not having to make decisions is my own personal bliss. Utterly submitting is something I have yet to try. 


Then a slow separation.
Soft and hard all at once. It's the texture I feel most, smooth, slippery and divine.
I invite and the separation deepens like an axe splitting wood in slow motion.
Cleaving me in half making me feel whole.