Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So the art school where I work is winding down for the year. Last week was the last course until the new year. I'm sort of glad because I was/am exhausted and I needed an easier workload. At the same time though I won't see co-w for a while. 

While I was at work on Wednesday I got a message from co-worker. It was strange though because we were working together. When I took a peek I saw this:

He sent me a picture of my own ass. 
It obviously had me laughing. 

He also came up to the students while I was about to explain something and he asked them to pay attention because I was really 'delicious'.... Everyone just stared. My eyes grew wide, incredulous, I may have flushed and then I realized and corrected him 'delightful!'. 

Later that day I sent him a text saying 'how do you know I'm delicious if you've never tasted me?' 

His response was: I dream your flavour. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After Oblivion

My last post Oblivion was written in a moment of high sexual tension mixed with anxiety. I needed to get out of my head. I needed something to distract me so entirely that the effects would last for the whole night and part of the next day. Rob is the only true cure for that. 

I had sent him a text hoping he'd be free but he wasn't. I was horny but wasn't in the mood for a solo release. So I wrote the post, and then tried to read for a while. It wasn't working though. 
I turned to redtube, it was a passionHD video or something similar, it was working but slowly. Halfway through Rob texted me asking if I'd sorted myself out, I hadn't, and he asked me if I wanted some help. 

It was amazing. It was intense. He whispered to me until I came twice. It had been a while since it was so intense. Damn was the release ever good. Oblivion was exactly what I'd call it. It worked. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


"Fuck me tonight". 
I need to get out of my head and into yours. I crave your brain, it turns me on. I want to hear all the taboo things you'd do to me and more. Show me. Paint a picture of words. I want to let the whispers wash away every scrap of my being and make it new. Tell me I'm a slut and make me repeat it. Don't let me think for myself. I'm begging you. 
Hands working fast, body following suit, brain incapable of coherent thought. Help me give in, give up. Let emotions, feelings, sensations give way to sexual oblivion. Sweet ecstasy, sweeter release. Breathe. Regain self. Repeat. 

Monday, November 7, 2016


"Wanna watch?"
I texted him the other morning. We'd had a brief chat the day before, there was some hint at me needing to get off and postponing it to morning. I woke up, and sent him a text from the warmth of my duvet and bed. 
For the most part he just sat and watched as he often does, he pitched in as I got closer. He brought me over the edge filling my ears with delicious naughty names and words. Things that get me wet the instant I hear them. 
I'd promised it would be short and sweet and it was. I want more tho. I always want more. At some point he said something that made me laugh and it was good. Laughing while having sex is one of my favourite things. It somehow makes things even better. 

This morning there was more short and sweet with the bf. We had sex for the first time in ages. It was good. It was short tho. I could use more. 

Im happy to say that the two events along with my feeling quite a bit better have reinstated my libido.

Oh and I was a vampire for Halloween, not the sexy kind either. I had an awesome Halloween mingling with zombies at a theme park. Good times. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Today I went to a craft fair, got a bunch of scrap fabric, including some stretch lace and made this little crop lace bralette. I'm pretty proud considering it took all of 10 minutes to make, and it cost me about 50 cents. 

I've been super busy and stressed this week, almost to the point of tears, today was a good distraction, but I need some good hard, rough fucking, I want bruises. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Craving Gratification

You are a constant thought, in the front of my mind today. Usually you reside in the back of my mind. It's an intense desire to know, to understand, to connect. I don't know why it's so urgent. There's no reason for it to be. I'm well and seemingly happy. Perhaps it's because I have too much time on my hands today, or maybe it's because I was talking about you yesterday. And then I look at the pics from our last encounter and they were exactly a year ago, give or take a day. 

I wouldn't attribute the intensity to that, but at least I'm comforted in knowing that it's been a year since we last met and my body and mind still crave you fiercely. I would be content just sitting next to you as you watch tv or play on your phone. I don't need much just a touch, the sparkle of your eyes as I straddle you to interrupt your show, begging for attention. The sensation of your hands as they take mine, leading me toward the bedroom. Your voice as you order me to bend over. 

If you vanished at this point, if the magic spell wore off, I'd still be gratified. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Feeling Better

Yes, my friends, I am starting to feel better. I finally got to see a specialist and got a diagnosis for gastritis. It's apparently a long process to fix it though. I have a couple months of medication plus some testing to make sure there isn't a more serious underlying problem like allergies.

On a somewhat different topic.... After getting fucked silly by Rob on our last encounter I had noticed some changes in my health, they were for the better and I had oddly posited that he/his very large cock may have straightened me out. Maybe this is TMI but my uterus was folded, I had ultrasounds and multiple doctors telling me so.
Last time I went for an ultrasound, trying to figure my latest health issues out, the gynecologist told me that my uterus was normal, the fold was somehow gone. So yeah, I guess I was right.