Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I can't seem to get better. I finally got some tests back and other than my usual kidney stones I don't seem to have anything, the H.pylori test came back negative. Typical. Story of my life. Maybe it's just the combination of kidney stones and my fibromyalgia that just don't mix. Hard to say. I thought I had gastritis, but my symptoms could be caused by the kidney stones, yet the ultrasound technician said it wasn't that. The stones aren't big enough. 
So then my hypothesis is that the food poisoning I got in Panama came back... 
I'll head to a gastroenterologist nest week if this doesn't clear up. 

So yeah fun stuff. 

Other than that no news.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm not dead!

So yeah I've been neglecting the blog and I apologize for that.
I have a series of excuses but in reality there is no excuse. I should be trying to post more often.

1) I have been crazy busy. Co-W was away for one of our busiest weeks at the art school, my boss was a nightmare to work with.

2) It's September and I teach English so I have a buttload of new and old kids (and adults) who are starting lessons right now.

3) I have not been well at all. I haven't been well for somewhere around 3 months. At the moment I think it's kidney stones but there are other issues I'm desperately trying to sort out as well. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound and I have test results coming in next week to see if I have helicobacter and peptic ulcers (dread dread).

4) I have been spending all my free time with the bf or working on art rather than on the computer.

Rob asked me to create something artistic for him which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. I had to use quill pens and fountain pens and calligraphy which I haven't done in years. Plus I got to buy shiny new art supplies, so I have been sucked into the vortex of a new technique and have been entirely too enthralled by that. When I'm feeling well enough I sit and draw or paint or whatever you want to call this technique with a quill pen and beautiful gold ink. Good fun.

5) I haven't had much to say over the past while. But this is not a valid excuse, writing begets writing so I should simply do more of it.

6) when I do find some time to write I'm feeling lazy and would rather watch a TV show (also not a valid excuse).

So there it is, my valiant return to the blogworld. I hope all 4 of my readers are well.

I will be back sooner this time.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hi! Hello! Hey!

Yep, I'm back.... here on the blog I mean. I got back from holidays a while ago now but I've been busy. That's not to say that I haven't had time to blog, I probably have, I've just been using that time in other ways.Work, beach, boyfriend.

First things first. How did the holiday go?
It started off terribly. We had a massive argument on day two. I think It was a combination of things, a lot of which was me still being really angry at him and not able to let things go. Every little thing seemed personal. If he ignored my street directions while he was driving I just automatically assumed it was because he didn't think my map was good enough, or that my directions were correct... There was some of that I think, I mean after I mentioned it to him, after the argument, he got much better at taking directions from me.TBH I can't even remember the rest of the argument but it lasted 2 full days. I remember one thing though that really made me angry and the reason why it lasted 2 days instead of just one and a half. On day two I came up to him and said, "do you want to talk?" and he refused. This was after a full day of cold shoulder. I personally have never sent him away if he wanted to talk. I have asked to put off a conversation because I had to work in 20 minutes and didn't want to get into anything, but I have never downright refused to talk to him if he came up to me.

So that day, I left, I went on a tour of the city we were staying in, alone, and had a lovely time. I took pictures and shared them on social media, I visited a castle and its herb garden, I had expensive iced coffee in a fancy café that he'd never have done with me (he's cheap, I don't mind most times but sometimes I like to treat myself), I had a grand time.

The rest of the holiday went really well. It is a beautiful part of the world and the beaches are especially spectacular, and I've seen some amazing beaches, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, but these were right up there with the best of them for beauty.


So what else is up... 
I haven't been well. Even while on holiday I was not well. I have been slightly unwell for about 3 months now. I don't know what's going on, I had blood tests done and nothing much showed up, so now I have to get a couple other things checked to see what's going on. I think that's another reason why I've been so quiet recently. If I am home alone, which has been rare recently, I have been nursing a sore stomach or something. So a lot of laying around watching movies, laying on the beach, hanging with friends and yeah quite a bit of work too. 

Today is the first weekend since we got back where the bf is working so I'm home alone. I got a couple texts off Rob today. But apart from that nothing else is going on. It's really super tame around here.

Last week at work, on Friday morning I wore shorts to work, I wear shorts to work often, it's not a new thing, but Co-W must have been horny because he looked at me from behind and growled "tight", (it wasn't a reference to my shorts being tight either (they weren't), but the word is used only in connection to muscle and tone). He then made huffing/grunting noises like an animal and mumbled something about my legs.

So yeah, that's my post holiday update! I hope everyone out in cyber-stalking-space is good.