Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Other HNT and Comments

Hey! I wanted to give the Other HNT a shout out. So remember HNT and all those hot pics? Or maybe that was before you started reading here. It was called Half Nekkid Thursday. It was an event where bloggers posted half nekkid pics of themselves on Thursdays as the name suggests. In any case Osbasso, the kind gentleman running HNT, opened a blog just for half nekkid pics! You should head over and favourite it or bookmark it or just stop by and show some love to the people who anonymously send pics (don't forget to check out past years cause there's some really great content). Comments seem to be few and far between over there which brings me to my next topic.

Is it just me or is there a general waning of comments on blogs lately? I get the feeling there's a dip in comments since people started using their smart phones more and more. Maybe I've been lazy and I haven't been doing my blogger duty of reading other blogs and commenting, it's something that can help attract new readers and commenters. Or maybe it's because the crowd that I hung with on blogger has pretty much dissolved.
Maybe it was easier to take the time to comment on a laptop. Maybe there are more work restrictions and people can't read or write from work now. 

The reason why I think it's due to smartphone use is that commenting from an app or the phone browser sucks. I noticed this when I've tried to reply to comments on my own blog from my phone. In any case I can say that my post stats are healthy, I get a good number of views for each post, on average 100-200. So people are reading, I just don't see the comments I used to see. 
Hello all you lurkers. *grin*

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As you may have noticed I've dyed my hair pink. And no, there's no click thru today. I got to playing with an old photo elaboration app.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


"What's that? number 3 and a half?" He asked me as I panted.
"Yeah there was something in between there. Like a mini climax."
"How do you want the next one?"
"Dunno. Maybe think up a situation." I said.

There's a moment between orgasms when my brain functions and there's just basic chit chatty conversation, but then I wander off into my brain as I listen to him talk.

"I still fantasize about you cumming inside me." I managed to get out before my brain receded into itself to listen.
"Oh but I did" he said quite matter of factly. And he proceeded to tell me a story.

As you were sleeping on your tummy I came up behind you and slowly, teasingly fucked you so as not to wake you up. Slipping my cock inside you gently, carefully. Watching your pussy get wetter and wider to accept me. Slipping the tip in and back out again, watching your hole stay open, wanting more. Sliding slowly deeper. Pulling out to stroke myself, afraid to wake you, getting closer, pushing myself back inside you, feeling how slippery you are and plunging myself as deep as I can go to fill you with cum. You still sleep, but moan and stir for more, your pussy dripping with cum. I slide my fingers inside you mixing our juices together, pushing my warm cum back into you. Wanting it to stay. As I pull my fingers out I turn you to wet your lips. Make you taste us on my hand, slip my fingers into your mouth, over your tongue, over your nipples.

Was I awake in the story at this point? I don't know, I just remember him adding more to the story to make me cum. He grabs my neck, forces his cock in and out of my watering mouth and fucks my pussy with his other hand.
The imagery of his dripping cock forced into my mouth, the taste of us filling my mouth, his hand blocking my air just slightly, had me cum so hard the neighbours likely heard me. 

Once finished, and able to breathe again, he said "Are you done?"
"No.... More please."
"Moregasms?" he replied
"That's a good word for it, did you make that up just now?"
"Yep" he said looking smug.

Little did we know, it already existed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So I saw a poster for one of my favourite musicians playing in a town near here. My sister is visiting but she has to work on the weekend and can't come, and there's no way I'd be able to convince the bf to come see this. It's not his type of music (trip-hop) and definitely not his scene, not only that but it's at 1am in a town about an hour from here. 
All my other friends have kids or wouldn't like this type of thing so I'm left wishing I could go. 
I know I should be more assertive and go on my own but I really don't feel comfortable taking the bf's car, driving a half hour each direction to a place I've never been to before at rediculous hours of the morning on a Saturday night.... By myself. 

So yeah, I asked Rob to come. He's the only one that said yes. And with the impossibility of that ever happening I just dream. 

He has asked me when we could meet up again. It's a question I love and fear at the same time. I love it because it means he wants me/misses me but at the same time I never have an answer. Plus, it starts me thinking on when I can get over there again and with this massively expensive trip the bf and I just took I can't afford to do anything except work for the next while. I'm almost completely broke.  Boohoo. 

Alas I must work harder.