Friday, November 28, 2014

Slow Teasingly Tortured Sex.

If there's a type of sex that I really, really like it's the slow tortured sex. Sure there are times when all I want is that hardcore primal fucking, but if I had to choose... if I were forced to choose a type it'd probably be slow and utterly teasing.

Cock slipping up against the entrance, rubbing my clit, taking the juices and spreading them around. Maybe even a little slapping your cock against my wet clit and then just barely easing in. The huge tip of your cock spreading me open, sliding in to the end of the head and then pulling out once again, and repeat.

Repeat but ease in slower next time, make me beg for it, make me groan and whine for your length. I couldn't want anything more than to feel the full length of your cock inside me but don't give it to me.

Maybe you move from my pussy to my mouth, make me taste us together on the tip of your head. I could suck you all day but you deprive me of even that because you go back down to ease yourself inside me again, this time a little deeper. Say, half way? You want to force your way all the way in, I know you do, but resist. I'll even beg you to give it to me deeper, I'm sure, but don't. I want to be teased as long as you can stand it, as long as either of us can.

This teasing could bring me over the edge.
Those orgasms are different. They are intense but slow, the waves are slow and my body relaxes to enjoy every second of it.
If I don't cum like that (or even if I do) then I give you permission to thrust, so hard and so deep I can practically taste you. You withdraw and take your aim. Toy with the entrance, in and out in the slightest movements and then hard, pounded back in. It feels so fucking good, the length of you, the anticipation of that length was torture, but having it is ecstasy.

Once in, once there, grind to reach my depths, every inch of me wants you. Every dark corner wants to feel your hard cock. I'll cum for you, no question. These orgasms are like fire, they race through shockingly hot and hard. The waves make me lose control, I grip, bite and frantically whimper to keep myself from screaming.

If we both survive, you can cum, you can cum where you want. On my face? on my pussy, or my tits, or maybe in my mouth. Would you fuck my mouth while I'm recovering? Would you thrust in till I could barely breath, use the energy you didn't use on my pussy, on my mouth. Just grab my head and pound me till you cum? I could do with a real primal pounding at this point.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Old is the New New

I wanted to write a quick post about my blog circle. It has always waxed and waned over the years but the heart of it has been missing for quite a time. I had a fairly small group of people I followed when I first signed on and over time some of them disappeared.

A few people have recently made a come back so I'd like to link to them especially and renew my vows with some oldies but goodies.

So the ones that I'm really happy to announce are BACK from the netherworld of blogger are (in no particular order):

Ethan Lambert from Confessions of a Bastard. One of my favourite blogs out there let's hope he stays this time. Great writing, great stories, sure he's a bastard, but he's a yummy bastard.

Leonhart at his new blog the Org Log. Good friend and interesting concept this time round. He's tracking his orgasms at various intervals. His wife is looking to get pregnant but he's a sucker for tortured abstinence. I was pleased to see he's even got some hot video up.

Rachel at Naughty Rachel hasn't really gone anywhere but she did slow down for a while. She's like a sister to me we have a lot in common. She's back in full swing on her blog too, always happy to read her new posts. She has fallen on hard times with dating guys recently, though a lot of her stories are just sooo mouthwatering.

Johanna at Disentagling Johanna. She was on blogger but moved for a few reasons over to Wordpress. She's going through trials and tribulations right now, show her some support. Her story is so similar to mine that sometimes I think she's a version of me in a parallel universe. Only problem is that in her universe the online relationship always has a glitch.

The Renewbies:

Advizor is still giving great advice at great prices over at Free Advize is Worth What you Pay for it He is an old favourite who has always been around. His Flash Fiction Friday stuff is always sexy. His posts can turn you on or make you think. You won't get away without doing one or the other.

N.Likes is newer on my blogroll, but I've been reading him for a while now. You can find him at My Dissolute Life.
He's got posts of all sorts, audio clips of women who cum for him, some of his stuff is controversial, some of it is hot, some is family oriented. It's always an interesting read and more than half the time you get wet.

I don't have a lot of time to spend reading my blogroll so I keep my list quite short, you can imagine how short it got when three or four people almost disappeared. I'm so glad they stayed with it and are back to entertain us.

**PS sorry if this post showed up in your feeds twice it got posted by mistake completely void of text... oops.**

Monday, November 24, 2014

Stat Fetish - my most popular posts.

I have a bit of a statistic fetish. I was looking through my old posts trying to label them (because I've been really bad at labeling them) and noticed that I have some posts with an incredible number of visits.

I found that Blogger has a pretty good statistic section and while fumbling around I managed to get my most popular posts. Here are the top three:

The post "What does "I've been thinking about you" really mean?" has the highest number of page views at a whopping 14229 hits.

"A woman's Wet dream" post comes in second with 4671 hits.

IFMD has 3968 views (not exactly my best post... seriously no pun intended).

I'm pretty impressed. On average I'd say my posts get a total of somewhere between 80 and 150 views if there are no pictures... HNT pictures always got higher view counts, somewhere around 250ish. But seeing 5 digit page views just blows me away. I knew these were popular posts, I knew the number one post was getting a lot of visibility on google but whoda'thunk??

"Close Your Eyes"

When I close my eyes, in the heat of my moments I remember instants, images and intense sensations of him. Most of them involve his cock in my mouth. Maybe because that's what turns me on right now and I crave it intensely some days.

He straddled my chest, arms close to my body, pinned next to me, while his cock slid in and out of my mouth. His hand gripped my neck, tightly, but just right. Barely able to breath, but getting breaths in as he pulled out, gasping like when coming up out of water, hungry for air hungry for more of his cock. Not sure which I want more.

On another occasion we moved to the floor, between the tv and the armchair. I was kneeling, he asked me if I wanted a pillow to kneel on but I refused it, regretting it later and grabbing one off the armchair. It was just a booster really, he's tall. He fucked my mouth while standing. Holding my hair in a ponytail pulling me back and forth onto himself.

He held my face in place with one hand while he worked his cock with the other, and he quietly said "close your eyes".
He came on my face on two separate occasions this visit, I asked him to. On other visits I hadn't closed my eyes and I could watch him and know what to expect. Closing my eyes was a different sensation completely. The unknown, the surprise, and everything is heightened. Sounds, smells and the temperature of his cum was amplified.

He came on my freshly shaved pussy once too.... that was one of my personal favourites. It was on the bed, missionary I guess, or maybe some contortion of it. I didn't stop circling my clit for one second while his cum shot all over my hand and pussy, making it slick and wet as it dripped down between my legs.

There were times we played around. I would bite his cock hard to see how much he could handle, often he wanted it harder than I was prepared to give him. A bit like when he gripped my neck and a tendon moved unexpectedly under his thumb and it wigged him out. It's fun pushing the limits, seeing how far the other will go. You learn a lot about character and hidden desires.
I'm still not sure we're anywhere near learning what there is to know about each other's sexual preferences or kinks, but we're closer.

I still remember the first time we met up, how I knew we could go further, how we could get closer to understanding. To be honest on the one hand it seems like we've come miles but on the other it seems like it's only a drop in the sea. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pearl Necklace

When we got into the room, we dropped our bags and he dived onto the bed. He always makes it there before me.
 Once I'd taken my jacket and shoes off I jumped on next to him and we grabbed each other smiling and laughing. We horsed around. We teased each other. He tickled me to the point I was begging him to stop. He bit, kissed and sucked my neck and my lips. We rolled around and even play wrestled. We would just stare at each other grinning too.

We were both ready to fuck but we tried not to just tear at each other... we kept it at bay with play I guess. He started by trying to get my jeans off, but I joked saying I wouldn't let him. It was a bit of a challenge as they were tight and I was rolling around trying to make it difficult for him. When he got mine off I helped him with his. I'm not sure how it came up but this time he just said something like "I want it inside you".

This was a first. We usually start slower, blowjob generally then after a while we have sex. This time though we were both very hungry for each other. We needed that raw fucking right away.

We went through so many positions, constant changing, finding the best ones for both of us. I barely remember them there were so many.

There's one simple trick that I love with him. It's one that I remember he used on me the first time we met and it surprised me. While I'm on top, riding cowgirl facing him he puts his hands on my lower abdomen and presses just a little. His cock is such a length and so strong that I can feel it on my abdomen if he presses.
The first time we fucked he held me still and just flexed it while holding my abdomen I could feel it pressing up against my abdomen from inside me.

I'm not sure how many times I came that first hour. I think it was three.  I think there was even a time that he was just fingering me and I came.

My biggest problem around sex is that I'm so caught up in it all that I barely remember anything once it's over. It's unfortunate for me because I want it to be burned into my memories. Things come back, things flash through my mind at inappropriate moments but I can't remember sequence of events or too many details.

I'm pretty sure this was the time he came all over my chest. He came covering my tits and my neck. This picture does not depict anything anywhere close to how covered I was. I was drenched. It was also the time he spanked me and left that welt I described in my post "Print me Red".

I love the new term I learned for this. A pearl necklace. It suits the purpose so well. I saw a porn video recently, that probably wasn't really aiming for perfection, but it really looked like the woman had a beautiful pearl necklace on, dripping down her collar bones. 
*not me... I still have tan lines ;)*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Throwing Pots

"We're lovers!" He blurted out to the girl who was teaching us how to throw pots. Her back was turned to us so I couldn't see her expression but I'm pretty sure her eyes popped out of her head for a brief second while she managed to smile and say "good for you".
She wasn't shocked by the news, I think she was just surprised (as I was) that he would just come out with it the way he did. The topic died there, though it wasn't quite out of the blue, it was related to something she had been saying about how to get our pots to us, who to send them to and how to get in touch with us.

I think it was a good thing he mentioned it for a few reasons. It made her more aware so that she doesn't go posting pics of me n' him on fb and tagging me in them. And I believe it was good for him to be able to say it out loud. He doesn't talk to anyone about our relationship and I think there's a point where people just need to hear things out loud.

Yes, we did a pot throwing course. It was one of the non sexual highlights of the visit with Rob. It was a lot of fun and a surprise. We hadn't planned on it, we originally planned to go to the theatre to see a show, but instead we happened to walk into a ceramics studio and the teacher seemed really nice, it was a reasonable price and it was short, just 2 hours.

She kept comparing our pots, saying they were really similar. She said that usually couples that go in make very contrasting shapes, if one is open the other is very closed. Our first vessel was very similar, the second not so much. Mine collapsed, his stayed intact. I was really impressed by his skills, we all were. No-one believed that he'd never thrown pots before. It came naturally to him.

We're both super excited about our vessels. I can't wait to see mine. We're expecting emails soon for when she can send them to us. She has to fire them and glaze them and fire them again so it is bound to take a little while.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


On my return from the U.K. and seeing Rob, I have spent some time with the bf. I've noticed that my interaction with the bf is all wrong. Our interaction is all wrong. It seems that we have completely forgotten how to love each other. 

Maybe it's normal after a 17 year relationship. Maybe the romantic gestures die out and what's left is awkward or ritual interaction. 

In bed this morning the bf and I were probably both looking for sex but rather than holding and kissing and hugging, rolling around and playing there was uncomfortable poking fingers 'playfully' in my face, there was leg entwining and pushing, almost forceful and painful. There was a tablet being pushed against my nose. There was absolutely nothing sweet about it. 
No caressing or snuggling no nestling or spooning... Just annoying, and sure, 'playful' interaction. And I chastised him for annoying me, so he left. 

It's been like this for years too. It's like we are brother and sister taunting each other instead of being sweet. 

With Rob it was easy and natural. How can I bring that back into our relationship? 

I am also to blame for this situation, it's not a one way street. I think that I often put the bf off of that kind of interaction because I felt like it always had to lead to sex. I didn't want to feel forced into it and that's how I felt. Every time he came close to me I felt this moral obligation to follow through. I don't know if it was imagined or real... I think at some point I felt it became real.  I know it didn't start like that. 

I didn't feel that with Rob. I didn't ever feel that obligation. No matter what type of interaction it was. 

Maybe we need to talk about it. Maybe I should bring it up, the question is whether I have the guts. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Print me Red

He read my post, you know, the one about hair pulling. As soon as we were in that room he was gently gathering up my hair into a pony tail and pulling and pushing me into positions. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards himself and whispered straight into my ear with a sly grin "yeah I read your post". He fucked me hard, from behind, while I was on my knees, hair in hand and I begged him to spank me too. "I'm not sure I can manage that" he said incredulously. "Sure you can." I answered while taking his hand in mine and showing him my ass.  There was a very brief pause in the sex, he was preparing. I couldn't see what he was doing, my head was arched back against my neck and I felt his hand make contact with my ass cheek. I buckled forward without quite knowing why. It burned like I'd been stung by a swarm of bees but we didn't stop. It was an instant of pain and then the pleasure of him fucking me again.

We finished. I think this was the time he gave me a pearl necklace (a term I learned from him) but there were too many times to remember which one was which.

When I got up I checked my ass in the mirror and the whole right cheek was red. Very red. We both marveled at how red it was and he quietly said that he'd hit me too hard, he was worried you see.
After my shower I came back into the room and I showed him my ass again. Over a half hour later it was still red, this time with his whole hand visible in red.

An hour later, the hand print was raised like a whip mark. I could feel the bump of every finger when I ran my hand over my ass. I was proud, I loved it, it was like a battle scar, one that I wouldn't give up if I'd had any choice. It lasted quite a few hours at least, possibly half the day. By the time late afternoon rolled round we headed down to the pool and the mark was gone. I admit I was a little disappointed it was gone. I was hoping it would leave a longer lasting mark, a bruise, a nice hand shaped bruise maybe.

I was reading N.Likes' last post and ended up writing this comment. I guess I drew from experience but it just makes sense.
I’m not entirely sure a woman who wants rough sex wants angry rough sex. You being angry isn’t the means to the goal. I think it’s lust. I want the spanking, the slapping around, the gagging, the hair pulling, the throat grasping… but I don’t want it in anger, I want it in lust. You should be so hard for me you push and pull me into positions without my permission, you take me and fuck me however you want. I want to be wanted so bad I’m used almost thoughtlessly, but after I should not be discarded, that would hurt more than the bruises and the red marks on my skin.