Friday, August 7, 2015


I feel like I could be so greedy I'd explode. I want to overindulge myself in you. I want to absorb everything I can, and more. It will never be enough and I'll never be full. I will always crave you.

Today he regaled me with 4 orgasms that he just watched and even laughed at. When I could, I try to keep an eye on his reactions. I only managed once, and it was because I knocked the phone over. As I moved it back into place I saw him sit back and laugh. He was enjoying making me cum. I know he enjoys it, he says so, but seeing the laugh of confidence and pride proved it even more.

For the last orgasm I just had my face on screen, I was lying on my tummy resting. I was still horny so he told me to get myself off again. I couldn't stop laughing though. He kept making me laugh, I got shy and had to cover my face. I'm not used to him just staring at my face like that. Usually I show all sorts of other things, including my face, not often just my face. I got over it though. I got myself off one last time.
I kinda wish I could manage watching his reactions to me cumming all the time. It's something that is hard to capture though, I'm too busy with my eyes rolling around in my head. When I have seen it, either during sex or cyber it's a reaction that is a turn on, in and of itself. It's like a combination of pure lust and anticipation mixed with pride. A guy who is secure is a real turn on. I've always said it, Just watching him watch me, gets me off.


john smith said...

Very cool Cande!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and how open and honest you are about your sexuality. Just a bit curious, how many orgasms can you have if you are having a really horny day and just keep going. My g/f's upper limit is 10 when say she is really horny and has a day off work etc