Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After Oblivion

My last post Oblivion was written in a moment of high sexual tension mixed with anxiety. I needed to get out of my head. I needed something to distract me so entirely that the effects would last for the whole night and part of the next day. Rob is the only true cure for that. 

I had sent him a text hoping he'd be free but he wasn't. I was horny but wasn't in the mood for a solo release. So I wrote the post, and then tried to read for a while. It wasn't working though. 
I turned to redtube, it was a passionHD video or something similar, it was working but slowly. Halfway through Rob texted me asking if I'd sorted myself out, I hadn't, and he asked me if I wanted some help. 

It was amazing. It was intense. He whispered to me until I came twice. It had been a while since it was so intense. Damn was the release ever good. Oblivion was exactly what I'd call it. It worked. 


Fellow Canuck said...

Can you send a link to the video you were watching?
Also what were you anxious about.?

Cande said...
I'm often anxious, I'm anxious by nature. That evening there wasn't a single thing I wasn't anxious about.

Fellow Canuck said...

What makes you the most anxious?
Were you like that when you were a kid?