Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Submissive or Lazy?

I'm lazy. I'm really fucking lazy. I'm lazy in some things but not all things. One of those things is sex. I'm very happy to just lie there and get fucked. I'd much rather get fucked than fuck. I am a submissive lover, I wonder if it partly stems from my laziness. 
There are times when my libido is so strong I am tempted to throw a man onto a bed and fuck him, and I have done this numerous times. But if I had to choose, I'd definitely choose to be fucked. 
I'm happy just laying there while you slide your cock into whichever hole pleases you. I am not a strong woman, I'm not acrobatic, or one for a lot of bouncing, I get tired fast. I just want to take your cock any which way I can. I want to feel useless and used, helpless but helpful to your orgasm. Most importantly I want to feel worn out and worked hard. I want to feel exhausted and spent. To the point I can barely move. I am here, take every pent up emotion, frustration, anger, love, passion out on me. Use whatever you find, nothing scares me with you.  Traditional? Sure. Unusual? Even better. Dangerous? Try me. But I love that exhilaration. I love it when you do all the work. I love feeling your total control. Your guidance, your direction, your ingenuity. I need it. I crave it.


Osbasso said...


Peter Princip said...

I really believe we would get

THAT is how sex is with HER...the Spinner.

She just takes god damn well...for as long as I can go...and I can go a long fucking time. Everything I try just seems to turn her on more. In the end we are covered in sweat, spit, lube and cum...just panting for breath.

I don't think you're lazy...getting fucked like that takes a lot of work...

From the other side of the engagement, I totally understand...I LOVE to be in 100% control.

Fellow Canuck said...

Hey just wondering if you are near the earthquakes? Hope you're ok and some one helped you feel exhausted.

Cande said...

Peter:Yes! It does take a lot of work. But I know it takes more work to do all the fucking. I always applaud Men who have the stamina to fuck for ages, different positions, holding the woman up, holding himself up etc. It takes strength.

Canuck: Yep, all is good here. I'm quite far from the Earthquake zone. It was felt, in the area here but I personally didn't feel anything.

Fellow Canuck said...

The joke is just laying there ... I would love to make you feel an earthquake.

1ManView said...

I don't think it's laziness. I think you just rather be dominated to oblivion.. :)

peace and love