Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I finally got my MRI done. I got the results and things aren't looking great. Oddly, I've got what I had initially diagnosed myself with. When I first heard the sounds my wrist was making I thought I had something called a TFCC injury. It involves damaged ligaments and cartilage of the wrist. 

When I got the second set of x-rays they found a pit on my pisiform bone and so I though that it was a fracture. 

After the MRI, it turns out that I was right. But I almost wish it were a fracture. This type of injury is not easy to fix and it likely needs surgery. 

I'm trying to stay positive. This kind of surgery is done with little incisions and cameras. It's not hugely invasive. But I don't think you can regain 100% of the hand strength. From what I have now it feels like an impossible jump. 

This sucks 


Loyal Fan said...

Hope u get well soon Cande! God bless!

1ManView said...

You have to keep the faith that all will work out... The mind heals the body...( Well, that's what my mother use to say) ...😊

peace and love

Cande said...

Thank you!

Cande said...

Yes very true. I have to stay positive. Thanks.

Meb Khatri said...

Hope it gets sorted ! Might have to take it easy on the hand-jobs though :-)