Saturday, May 30, 2009

secret diary of an online stripper, the birth

Day 1

It all started one summer about 8 years ago. I had just bought my first computer in the small Italian city where I live. Internet connections here were generally per hour rates, and I was adamant on getting a flat rate. As an interpreter and translator I needed the internet for work, although it was very scarce at the time.

It was one of those hot sticky days where you feel horny no matter what you do. my boyfriend was working during the day and I was at home waiting for someone to call me to offer me work.

I logged on to a UK chat site called and had my first chat sex experience. I was hot and wet before we even started, and there was no smalltalk before the dirty talk whatsoever. I'll never forget it, the guy was amazing. He knew exactly what I wanted to hear. We took turns describing what we would do to each other. I bent down in front of him, under his work desk, undid his jeans and ran my tongue down his hard cock. He then had me up against his desk, licking me from behind, and slowly pushing himself into me. And all this went on until we came to a certain climax in the story. It was so exciting and invigorating that i wanted more.


phallatio said...

Cyber sex has kept me sane down the years! And I still love it to this day! It is sluttish on so many levels!

Cande said...

oooh... you have no idea how much I love it. I can't get enough.