Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 2

I certainly got more. And I couldn't get enough. I logged on time and time again looking for the same guy but never found him again. I found a James who was almost as good, He too told me what I wanted to hear, except he wanted to see pictures of me in exchange. We exchanged msn addresses and I would send him pictures of my wet panties. But I wanted something more daring and more racy.

The next time I logged on to Justchat I decided that I would just blurt out that I wanted to cam with someone. I can't remember if he grabbed me or if I grabbed him, but no information was passed. I just asked, if he was cute and if he had a cam. The answer was yes to both. I couldn't believe it, he was HOT, very sexy, my age or a year or two older. We flirted fast and just kept coming back to each other. We would play games, stripping games. And I would get so high after every metting. I would feel like I was on top of the world.

We Wouldn't really have cybersex, but I would get dripping wet by just stripping and playing with myself on the camera, pulling my clothes off slowly, showing my ass, my pussy and my tits to him. When he wasn't on I would try to find others to fill my needs.

I found some of the strangest men, one with a severe foot and shoe fetish. He wanted me to show him all the high heel shoes I had, pumps, boots, sandals, everything. He had his own high heel shoe that he would masturbate with, rubbing his hard cock between the sole and the heel.

There was another guy who was really sexy, he had a really nice cock and we had good times while his wife was out. He was hot, but as time went by he got stranger and stranger, asking for things that I couldn't (and wouldn't) do. Things like pissing and shitting into a bucket. I refused, and he kept asking. Then I got the impression he had a weakness for young girls because he wanted to know if a student of mine was hot. When I said that she was only 13, he said “Ok, but is she hot?” I cut off all contact from there on with him.

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