Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not back yet

Hey everyone in the strangely Alien Blogworld!

I'm not home yet. Perhaps that is why I actually have time to write.
I'm in Kuala Lumpur. My trip up to about 5 days ago was spectacular. Really amazing, beautiful and full of sun, diving, new friends and my sister.

The resort that my sister works at is amazing and I'm really glad I got the oportunity to go there. I really really miss her already. We both cried when I left.

At the moment I'm in a super stressful situation. Our Indian Visas were the wrong kind and they won't let us back into India. This means that we've been stuck in KL for 5 days and I should be in India with my dad.
The beurocracy is insane between the indian Embassy in KL and the one in Milan. They are just so slow.
There is a real possibility that I won't get to see my dad which has made me cry more than once in the past day or so. I haven't seen him in 7 years and we have been organizing this for a long time. He booked hotels, transfers, trains, all through Rajastan, which he is now doing without us.

Things on the Italian family front are pretty good. Sister in Law is out of hospital, just in time for Christmas. Brother in law is doing Chemo, shaved his head, but is keeping in high spirits. It seems like the cancer is regressing, which is good news. The other brothers, and the sister have to do Bone marrow tests to see if someone is compatible for a transfusion. good thing there are three of them!

On the Rob front. I got atext message from him for Christmas, and one for New years. Then I got an email that made me stop and stare at the screen. It said simply that he had been browsing my facebook pages and missed me. He told me to come home soon.

I actually caught him on msn today and we even had time for video. God. It's amazing how much an image on the computer can affect you. We talked giggled, laughed about potatoes, something set us both off laughing when I told him about my sisters new german bf who loves potatoes.

It was really nice to talk to him, get my smile back. Especially after such a shitty day of arguing with BF and with the indian embassy in Italy, the one in KL and with a hotel we've had problems with. Not to mention the insurance company (that isn't covering us) and Air Asia that won't refund the flight we lost due to wrong visas... What a mess

I still miss him. Nothing takes that sensation away. I wonder if it's part of the reason I'm addicted to him.

Hope everyone in the blog world is doing well. Hello to all my new readers... sorry to those I've lost, and my appologies for not being able to keep up better.

xoxo I'll be back soon...


Gray said...

Wow, that is a lot to handle. I hope you can work things out to see your father. Definitely looking forward to having your back though!

Leonhart said...

Damn. Sorry about the mess of your arrangements. I hope you can get it unravelled in time. In the meantime, you are missed - but whilst you're out there having a good time in the world I don't begrudge your absence!