Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sexual Tension

Has anyone else noticed that when the sexual tension is high in a long term relationship that sex doesn't happen as much.

Have you noticed that when you physically can't have sex for one reason or another, that the sexual tension melts and things seem to calm down?

Have you noticed that when you do have sex, arguments break out and it seems to be similar to a traumatic experience?

I can't help but notice all of this. Sexual tension seems to complicate things considerably.

I don't get why.


Meagan said...

I like this post, so true, so true!

Happy V Day,

Leonhart said...

I'm not sure I agree. Why can't you physically have sex, for example? I suspect the reason why will be a big factor in how much sexual frustration it generates.

Like, if you one party was ill and wholly uninterested then the other person would feel strong sexual frustration, yet the other wouldn't - which would, of course, lead to bad vibes in the relationship.

Cande said...

Megan, Thanks!

Leonhart: You're right, it does depend, I'm sure. I've just noticed little things. Say one party is tired or has a cold or is sick, then I personally find the other tends to relax under the "lack of pressure" to perform or to initiate something.