Monday, January 2, 2012

A new friend

So bf has a new friend. He doesn't live in the same town as us but he comes to visit relatively often. He has a girlfriend and they've been together for about a year and a half. Oh and he's cute and... well, kinda flirty.

Just before New Year's the new friend and his gf stopped in for an afternoon and we got to talking. At one point his cell phone started ringing and he just looks at it then looks at his gf and says "its the crazy woman.", doesn't answer and proceeds to explain that he met this girl over the phone at work a while ago, and she started sending him pictures. (yeah right.... I know what's going on) Granted he wasn't in a relationship with his gf at the time of meeting this "phone woman" but he still receives pictures from her by email. And yes they are picture of her posing in all sorts of positions and clothes.

The point of this story is that I ended up defending him on why there were pictures of her on his computer still. He started explaining to his gf that when she sends him pictures he deletes the emails directly. But sometimes if he opens them the pictures get downloaded automatically.

He kept looking at me for confirmation, saying "Right? Right? you know what I mean" and I kept nodding and saying, "oh yeah, it depends on the format and email program...but yeah that can happen." And since neither bf nor this guy's gf know much about computers they both got sucked in...I'm assuming.

But to be honest, I doubt that's what's going on.

It was like he knew that he could rely on me. It was like he knew the stuff I get up to and was on my side... even if I know that's not the case. But there was definitely some sort of complicity going on there. He wasn't telling the truth, I could read it and I defended him, and he knew it.

Previous to that episode he stopped in on his own, just after Halloween, and he was in a rough patch with his gf. He's the same age as me and was, or perhaps is, going through a period where he's trying to figure out what he wants. We're going through the same things. We got to talking, bf was there too, but we could understand each other perfectly, reading between the lines of what the other was saying about partners. While bf was out of the room for a bit we talked more openly about relationships quite briefly there was no conclusion except that we're both in similar situations relationship wise and I gave him some rather basic advice.

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Advizor54 said...

Partners in crime, perhaps?

I hope his friendship is a comfort and not a complication.