Saturday, October 13, 2012

Experiencing Orgasms

This is what got me off today. I brought myself close, for as long as I could. I'm not usually one for getting close and then backing off, and getting close again and backing off... But today I teased myself throughout almost the whole little video. I love the beginning, it reminds me of playing online, where each person can see the other but can't touch.

When I couldn't hold back any longer I let the orgasm wash over me in waves and spasms. They weren't the usual violent spasms, they were more like rolling waves.

I find that my orgasms change depending on the situation, depending on how I get myself off, whether I penetrate or not and how I feel emotionally. I think my most common orgasm is relatively violent, strong spasms. They are short and debilitating. They often bend me almost in half.

On occasion though I've experienced a type that starts like a fire in my belly and I can feel it creeping through my veins, through my muscles like lava and it burns from the inside out, down my legs and up into my arms.
Today was different yet again. It was more relaxed. It felt like a calm sea and its waves lapping at the shore, rolling over me one after the other over and over and over. It was long, it made me gasp and groan but it didn't cause my body to double. It was a series of slow spasms that just kept coming as I lie on the couch. It made me want to stretch out like a cat and smile. The spasms continued for ages getting less intense as they came until I could barely feel them.

Maybe I should take more time with my orgasms... letting myself get close, backing off and building myself up again.... I definitely think I should experiment more... see how many different types I can find.


1manview said...

There's nothing like finding your inner self. Or maybe I should say, inner orgasm... :)

Advizor54 said...

Time to play, to relax, to explore, and cum, is the key. There are hurried ones, frantic ones, quickies, and they are fine. But when the house is mine, the doors are locked, the privacy is assured, that is when the good ones are found.

This is a very sexy video, and the thought of you playing the entire time, and perhaps cumming in time with the beautiful actress, is a fantastic image.

Thanks for sharing, and please let us know what other kinds you find.


Ebony Panther said...

I agree with both 1manview & Advizor54. Plus, the video is extremely hot. The beginnig, with her staring at his cock while he holds it, then licking the window almost brought me to orgasm right there.

~neighborhood milf said...

What a hot, sexy video! I love the way he spends a long time fingering her. I love to be stimulated that way by a lover - it makes the penetration so much more intense when it happens!

And you're right, Cande. There are so many different ways to climax - and they're ALL good!

Anonymous said...

so unfair, i want to see it and have to wait 10 hours before i get home and check it out and then i wont get to play it as Advizor mentioned the best times are when the house is empty, doors are locked and you have some solid time alone to work some personal magic

Malcolm said...


I have a big collection of sex videos, almost all of them amateur. This one you sent us to is one I would never have thought of keeping; I keep them mainly to watch with my wife but I like to be interested too. It is certainly not amateur, but very pro, very artificial: is this the kind of video women in general really like to watch? Perhaps I have got it all wrong, should I be keeping this one? Tastes do vary a lot of course ...

I will put on my blog a video we like and you can tell me your thoughts/feelings about it if you care to visit.

frco said...

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