Monday, February 25, 2013

A Week Ending in a Nice Sunday Afternoon.

Written Sunday Eve    

I decided to take a walk in the park today. It was sunny but crisp and cool, I had my ipod on shuffle with slow but upbeat music. It felt wonderful to have the sun on my face and the liberty to just wander slowly. I thought what a great moment it was and how nice it would be to be able to couple it with good a conversation with Rob. It was just a thought, fleeting really. I set it aside knowing he wouldn't be around on a Sunday afternoon and avoided the disappointment of sending him a text and getting a 'no' back.
I took my walk, happily, taking pictures enjoying the music. Teardrop came on by Portishead. It's a song that we both have a connection to and it made me think of the time he told me he'd heard it on the radio in the car after a great game of golf and how it reminded him of me. I smiled, enjoyed the song and looped back round to leave the park to head home.

I was crossing the bridge over the train tracks when my phone buzzed, a text from Rob with a simple "ok?"
I text him back "you reading my mind?"
I go on Skype and sure enough he's there. We talk, I continue my walk in the sun, I head to another park enjoying the conversation.

He notices my text after we'd been on the phone for 20 minutes and he asks why I had asked if he was reading my mind.

I tell him simply that I'd been thinking of him.

He says that it's not the first time something like that has happened. He didn't go into details, and I know he has texted me before when I'm thinking about him. I've asked him if he's reading my mind on other occasions. A long series of coincidences you might say but he joked that we have some kind of telepathic connection. We laughed about it, was it radio waves, microwaves, or gps, or maybe it's our phones...

Truth is, I think about him a lot and maybe it would be hard to catch a moment when I'm not thinking about him. But what makes me smile is that perhaps he thinks about me enough to warrant similar connection probabilities. Either way, I like it.

BF & Valentines
I woke up Valentines day morning expecting nothing. I was hoping bf wouldn't do anything, it would have been easier for some reason, maybe I wanted an excuse to be grumpy that day. He had to go out that morning and I had a lesson but when I got up, there was a vase with 3 roses and two fresh croissants from the bakery on the table waiting for me. I texted him a thank you some hearts and a kiss, and that we'd eat them together after lunch. He came home happy, though I think he had left that morning a little miffed (not sure why).

Office Guy
Office Guy is back. I was convinced he was getting back on Monday, but it turns out he was back in the office on Friday and I happen to go past his office twice on Fridays. He emailed me after I saw him, I emailed him back asking how his trip went but it's pretty clear that we're just being friendly. He got a weird look on his face when I walked past.

Big Bang
I've been really lazy lately. I've just been zoning out on tv a lot these days. To be fair though, it hasn't really been tv. It's been streaming of the Big Bang Theory.

I have developed a crush on the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons, I know... I'm weird. When I first started watching the show I thought I might get a crush on Leonard's actor (Johnny Galecki) because he's seemingly more attractive than the Sheldon character, but in the end Jim Parsons won. He's hot... Ok and he's gay, but who cares. He turns me on. I've always had a weakness for tall and lanky. The character's personality reminds me of my neighbour who is officially OCD. Sheldon is dysfunctional and sociopathic but there's something I really like about him.... ok... so I'm weird, shoot me.


Advizor54 said...

You like Tall and Lanky? I'm in trouble then.

BBT is one of my favorite shows, it's becoming the "lets find a re-run while I fold laundry" show, and that's high praise from me.

The walk in the park sounds nice, and connecting with him makes the day sound even better.

Anonymous said...

Is it just tall and lanky or it is the geek factor?

I have been looking for a girl who I could impress with my inane knowledge of quantum physics...

Hera and I have a connection, we call each other at the same time.

The Spinner and the Red Head also had a connections with me like that, every time I had cash in my hand they would text me...LOL...

Cande said...

Kenny, There is something about the geek factor. I do like smart men. I find it very sexy.