Friday, August 23, 2013

Hot and Very Humid

Alone, in the dark.
It's hot and very humid.
Tank top and light cotton white shorts, the type you can see every detail through.
Laying uncomfortably on a couch that is too short.
Hand over the crisp fabric.
Finger pressing, back and forth.
Then up and down.
It's hot and very humid.
The dampness seeps through the softening cotton revealing the smoothness of a freshly shaved pussy.
My fingers move down, and up and back down over my hole, feeling the heat, feeling the wet.
Wanting in.
Circling, a repetitive motion, over and over but this time under the fabric.
Direct contact is more intense, better, harder to resist.
The slip of the wetness makes it sublime.
Dipping down for more, bringing it back up, then in.
Just enough, just the tip, just to make me groan.
It's hot and very humid.
I'm wet.
From head to toe.
Hair sticks to my neck.
The tank top is slowly soaking with sweat.
My hole wants more.
But I stop.


Anonymous said...

noooo dont stop

please dont stop


GoodWill said...

So hot. So well written.

There is something deliciously painfully exquisite in stopping, leaving yourself wanting more.

Sometimes the payoff is that much better.

Advizor54 said...


In the best possible way. Thank you.

I hate the hot sticky nights of summer but when put to good use, they are as a spring day.

When do you get to finish?

james H said...

Mmmmmm, yes!

But don't stop. keep going. tell us more!

Max said...

Whew...all of a sudden it's getting hot in here!

Smoking hot. And no, please don't stop. :-)