Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It takes incredible control to speak during an orgasm or sex... At least it does for me. I lose all brainpower and most muscle control during an orgasm. 

I've tried though, god knows I've tried. I think it just takes practice. Speaking should come so naturally that you don't notice it or pay attention to what you are saying really. Fact is that if you are concentrating on words then you can't concentrate on the work at hand (so to speak). 

So my inspiration comes from a sort of tumblr site of audio sexual confessions. Advisor posted it in his list the other day and out of curiosity I checked it out. I have to admit I found many of the confessions quite hot. 

I've had some practice now. Practice makes perfect right? I've practiced a bit with Rob, on one of our late night encounters. I've started practicing on my own now too. I figure it's the best way to learn. All I need is time alone and a starting point. 

A starting point when alone helps a lot. I need to be able to start with a basic fantasy I guess before my brain loses all reasoning power and has my mouth follow on a random rampage of senseless words. 

It's basically just a concept for now. What I want in that moment. When with rob shyness seems to take over and the inhibitions feel strong. Alone I can let go of those and just talk. 

I am starting to realise that words are powerful tools. The ideas and memories behind them are enough to make me cum. It's a new concept to me. I have always been more of a visuals girl, but words may indeed be stronger. 

More practice will tell. 


Phillip.J.Dunn said...

what exactly do you say during orgasm??

Advizor54 said...

Practice, Practice, Practice.

When I was young, horney, and viril, I was able to talk myself to orgasm without touching myself once. It's an amazing exercise and a great memory.

Good luck in your training.

Chaosm said...

I like the audio clip! Haha...
Somehow I like hearing the sound and leaving the visual to my imagination.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering what you want to say while you orgasm, are you imparting wisdom, or being dirty?

I am not a fan of forced words during my orgasm, I have been known to say, "OH FUCK...FUCK..." but that is about it.

When a girl starts to talk when I am about to cum, unless it is very organic, it turns me off.

"Ya, daddy, cum for me," does not do it for me at all unless it is something that she would regularly say.