Monday, April 14, 2014

alone! (and Co-W update)

First night alone! I'm doing well... I even got some lesson prep done. I hope I can get a decent internet connection soon. I hate not being able to watch tv online.

Did I mention what's up with Co-W?
At work last week a work colleague who retired stopped by to say hello. While we were briefly alone together she asked me about Co-W, she offhandedly said "so Co-W and his gf are breaking up?" and I looked at her surprised and said, "oh really? I don't think so but to be honest I really don't know." to which she answered that she must have been mistaken.

That same week Co-W and I had lunch together. It was after work on Friday I think we finished late morning and decided to grab a sandwich together. We talked about this and that, and then I asked him how things were at home, with the baby, to be honest I'd already forgotten the conversation with my former colleague. He poured everything out as easily as water, he and his gf are in therapy with a psychoanalyst together. They were on the verge of disaster apparently. His gf is being overcautious with the baby and can't live in the moment. She's constantly worried about the future or the past. He, on the other hand is a well balanced guy usually, very sensitive and sensible, but he was catching her bug and going nutty trying to deal with it. I think they were close to breaking up.

He says that things are better now. I believe that she's improved, but he's the one keeping her on track. These things are impossible to fix. She's just got that innate problem it will be a constant battle. She's bipolar. I think he is too a little, but less, and with the two of them it makes for an explosive combination.

I'm guessing that this is why he was in touch with me, flirting heavily. He needed that distraction, even just for a moment. Can't blame him.

Anyhow I don't know what to hope for him whether he stay with her, or he get out.... either way it's complex and frightening.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are in your apartment! Sounds like it is going very well! Sounds like you did a lot of work to get it altogether! Very happy for you!

Cande said...

Hi Ralph! thanks :D And thanks for stopping by!