Thursday, May 8, 2014

I'm a Lost Sexy Secretary

I had an odd conversation with Co-W the other day. It was one of those conversations that keeps me thinking. I can't get it out of my head.
Then there's the stuff he said to me today... and that made me wet...

Conversation 1
I went to work on Monday and my female coworker asked me how my new place was. She also asked how the bf was doing. I said, great we're spending a little time here and a little time there. She insisted on saying that the relationship was over and he was on his way out. I ignored her.

Shortly after that I went to say hi to Co-W, as I hadn't seen him yet. I asked how he was since he'd been in a major car accident (though luckily for him without major consequences). He hummed and hawed saying that he had lots of thoughts, lots of problems... but I could tell he wasn't talking about the accident. He added right after though, "I'm better than you though. You're lost."

When I asked for clarification he said that he and my ex-coworker had been talking and they decided that I was completely confused. I then turned to a woman who was standing nearby listening to the conversation and explained to her that I'd recently moved out of a situation where I was living with my boyf and she piped up saying that she thought it was the best way to keep things, "everyone at their own place. That's what I tell my children. They can get married if they want to but each one has their own place."

With that, I turned to Co-W and said, "I'm really happy" smiling at her, and he came back with a genuine "good.". There was some fumbling before that though. There was a "what are you doing here? you should be somewhere where you're more appreciated" or something to that effect, he's been telling me to get out of this country for years.

Fact is, It makes me wonder whether I am lost. Am I lost? Or have I finally figured out what I want? I mean I agonized over this decision for a year or more. When I finally make the decision I feel happy and at ease with things and I get told that I'm lost. I shouldn't pay attention to what people say, but I'm the type of person that respects other's opinions to the point that I get pulled in.

Conversation 2
So the other conversation, the one that made me wet. It was short and nothing special, but it did get me thinking. And yes I was flirting quite a bit today. I was working on the computer, which I rarely do at work, but I had to write up some invoices for the boss. I was frustrated, and somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer number of things I had to do so when he came in to ask me some things, I put my hands in my hair and growled at him.

I was concentrated on what I was doing so I don't know how he brought it up but he said something to the effect of "oh, right, that makes you even sexier, the sexy secretary." My response was, "should I get my glasses?" And his answer? "yeah and bright red lipstick."

I was sure he was going to ask me to follow him into a back room today too. It was this weird flash that happened when he was coming out of the back rooms, while I was at the computer. He came out, closing the door behind him and he started talking to me, but it was a phrase that was almost calling for me... it wasn't literally, it was just an impression I got.

Anyhow the whole thing had me wet in seconds... When Co-W sat down at the computer to do something after I'd finished, I stood up to let him sit and knocked a pencil off the desk, as he sat down I went down to pick the pencil up. The pencil was way on the other side though, which meant I had to lean across his lap to pick it up, but I'd already started bending when he sat down so it was this weird combination because I couldn't pick up the pencil from that angle as easily as if he hadn't been there.

I fumbled for it, and he just sat there watching.... Damn I regret not wearing a skirt to work today.

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Advizor54 said...

You are trying to kill me, is that it? Glasses, lipstick, bending over his lap, tight jeans, hair pulled back. It's officially, you are just trying to kill me.

I'm amazed, and greatly dissapointed, that he didn't take you right then.

But, it's nice to know the flirty you is making an appearance again. That's a good sign.