Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So I saw a poster for one of my favourite musicians playing in a town near here. My sister is visiting but she has to work on the weekend and can't come, and there's no way I'd be able to convince the bf to come see this. It's not his type of music (trip-hop) and definitely not his scene, not only that but it's at 1am in a town about an hour from here. 
All my other friends have kids or wouldn't like this type of thing so I'm left wishing I could go. 
I know I should be more assertive and go on my own but I really don't feel comfortable taking the bf's car, driving a half hour each direction to a place I've never been to before at rediculous hours of the morning on a Saturday night.... By myself. 

So yeah, I asked Rob to come. He's the only one that said yes. And with the impossibility of that ever happening I just dream. 

He has asked me when we could meet up again. It's a question I love and fear at the same time. I love it because it means he wants me/misses me but at the same time I never have an answer. Plus, it starts me thinking on when I can get over there again and with this massively expensive trip the bf and I just took I can't afford to do anything except work for the next while. I'm almost completely broke.  Boohoo. 

Alas I must work harder. 


Cande said...

You're the best hon xx

Rob said...

Probably easier to meet half way xx