Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Other HNT and Comments

Hey! I wanted to give the Other HNT a shout out. So remember HNT and all those hot pics? Or maybe that was before you started reading here. It was called Half Nekkid Thursday. It was an event where bloggers posted half nekkid pics of themselves on Thursdays as the name suggests. In any case Osbasso, the kind gentleman running HNT, opened a blog just for half nekkid pics! You should head over and favourite it or bookmark it or just stop by and show some love to the people who anonymously send pics (don't forget to check out past years cause there's some really great content). Comments seem to be few and far between over there which brings me to my next topic.

Is it just me or is there a general waning of comments on blogs lately? I get the feeling there's a dip in comments since people started using their smart phones more and more. Maybe I've been lazy and I haven't been doing my blogger duty of reading other blogs and commenting, it's something that can help attract new readers and commenters. Or maybe it's because the crowd that I hung with on blogger has pretty much dissolved.
Maybe it was easier to take the time to comment on a laptop. Maybe there are more work restrictions and people can't read or write from work now. 

The reason why I think it's due to smartphone use is that commenting from an app or the phone browser sucks. I noticed this when I've tried to reply to comments on my own blog from my phone. In any case I can say that my post stats are healthy, I get a good number of views for each post, on average 100-200. So people are reading, I just don't see the comments I used to see. 
Hello all you lurkers. *grin*


Osbasso said...

Thanks for the shout out!

And yes, commenting almost seems to be "too much" to do. On FB, you can simply click "like" and be done with it. A connection is made, with little to no interaction. Twitter keeps things at 140 characters. Snapchat is there, and then it's not. Even Instagram suffers from this, though one can only take so much of food or pet pics.

I miss the old days, when you could really make friends with someone. Even if they live on the other side of the globe. ;-)

john smith said...

I do read your blog and I am bad about not leaving a comment. I love your blog and always check to see if you have left a post. I will try to be better about commenting. Thanks for the reminder that blog writers do notice if people or leaving comments or only reading. I hope you have a lovely day.

Peter Princip said...

I made the mistake of sharing my blog with people in the real world. This led to judgments, stalking, me blowing up my blog a few times then resurrecting it. It also led to a less than honest discourse. When you have a 100% anonymous place to vent/write/express you get to just say what you think, verbal vomit every thought. When that space is invaded with people judging and stalking, it is very hard to be honest.

I also think that many of the people that were blogging when I started just disappeared. Who knows what happened. Diner Nighthawk. Lexi. Sugar Daddy. Many of them are gone without a trace.

I can't judge, I am also rarely here. I look every now and again and comment, but I struggle to write knowing that the others may be reading.

I do love your blog. I miss being connected with you across the internet.

phoenix said...

great picture!

Cande said...

Os. You're welcome! I miss the old days too. I miss connecting and being almost able to resolve problems through the blog because people were willing to reach out and give advice in comments. Nowadays things seem to have simmered to a regular diary of sorts.

John: We do notice!! and I adore reading comments. I'm terrible at getting back to comments within a reasonable amount of time because I have to get onto my laptop to do it. Nowadays we're all managing stuff from the phone and it's just not plausible on there.

Peter: That is a difficult thing to avoid. I too have shared it with a very few selected people that I know 100% that I can trust. But yes when people know, it's harder to be 100% honest, though I do try my best.
It's really hard to see so many people disappear and I think that blogging is something that seems to be risking dying.
It was cool when you had your blog though. Why don't you start a new one and just not tell anyone?

Phoenix: THANKS!