Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flirt and Gore.

The only mildly interesting thing recently is that I've been super horny. It must show because Co-W unhooked my bra at work, it was peeking out the back of my tank top. He gloated about it after, asking if I'd met anyone who could undo a bra faster. He's right though, it was very fast. It was in front of other colleagues. I believe he was showing off for the other girl too. He tried it a second time but I managed to duck out of the way and I aimed a kick at his crotch but he dodged that too. Ah the joys of flirting, it's like being in jr. high.

I went for a walk today and went into a cafe, grabbed a croissant to go and the bar tender said that it was a pity I wasn't staying. I stammered, he laughed and said, "you weren't expecting that were you?"
I simply said I needed to get back outside in the fresh air. It was hot inside the cafe. I'd be tempted to go back... He was cute, nothing special, but cute. Had I been single I'd have made a point of going back, and often. Someone so openly approving gets me every time.

I gave myself a nasty cut. I have cut myself before but this time I cut halfway through the top of my thumb nail. I was chopping chocolate and came down on my thumb. It scared the shit out of me. I've never seen a knife just sitting half into my finger like that before. There was a lot of blood but it stopped really fast when I finally remembered to put pressure and raise my hand up. It's not that bad, but it creeps me out still. I think it's because of the nail, the fact that it can catch on things....ugh....cringe-worthy.
I was in such shock when it happened I was pale as a ghost and felt like throwing up. In reality, it's not that bad, it just really freaked me out.

Yesterday I went for an eye exam, I'd never had one done. I've got a lot of floaters and a new thing which is falling stars on occasion. The doc put drops in my eyes and after having a look, he told me that my vitreous liquid is too thick and occasionally sticking to/irritating my retina causing the stars. He says I need to drink more, except I already drink a ton. I also shouldn't lift anything heavy or move my head too fast, or do anything too strenuous for the next 20 days. Not sure why that is since the problem has been there for a year.

The drops made me hypersensitive to light, my pupils dilated to the size of my irises, and I couldn't do anything except lay on the couch in the dark and eat Rob's Doritos and gummy bears – food for wallowing – for hours and hours. The drops possibly gave me a headache but strangely I have another one today and the dilating effects of the drops wore off late last night so I'm not sure what the headache is from. On a side note I had no idea the drops would last that long. It was rather awful.

P.S. I am quite tired of the shit (violence/stupidity) going on in the world. I would like to bury my head in the sand until it's all fixed pls.

Zat iz oll fur tzudei.


Fellow Canuck said...

Fuck that got to hurt...made me cringe. Also all the shit going on in the world makes me cringe.

Peter Princip said...

The stuff in the world makes me feel sad and powerless.

In any job I have ever had a bra undoing would be sexual harassment and lots of trouble. I do remember doing that with friends in high school...I felt proud I could do it with one hand. I really liked the ones that clipped in front.

I hope your finger feels better. Hang-nails are the worst.


Fellow Canuck said...

Question ... is there ever a time when it is too hot to fuck? How do you when that time is?

Osbasso said...

Yeah, the bra thing would immediately get someone fired around here...

Cande said...

Hi guys!

Re Co-W's ethics at work: I do see how it could be viewed as harassment, but consider we've been working together for 15 years or more, we are like a family, it was an episode out in the garden, in summer as we were leaving. I am game, he's been flirting with me for a good chunk of those 15 years so it's in theme with our dynamics.

If this had been in an office situation, in front of clients or a boss, if it had been someone I barely knew it would certainly have been a problem.

Re my finger: It's getting better, still a little sore, and the nail catches on things painfully lifting the cut but it's healing up well.

Re it being too hot here: I just have sex... keep having sex, keep getting off, sweat, lots of it, and fans, ice, cold water, keep hydrated... I love very hot sex... sweaty drippy sex... slippery sliding sweet yummy salty sex. yum