Thursday, October 6, 2016

Feeling Better

Yes, my friends, I am starting to feel better. I finally got to see a specialist and got a diagnosis for gastritis. It's apparently a long process to fix it though. I have a couple months of medication plus some testing to make sure there isn't a more serious underlying problem like allergies.

On a somewhat different topic.... After getting fucked silly by Rob on our last encounter I had noticed some changes in my health, they were for the better and I had oddly posited that he/his very large cock may have straightened me out. Maybe this is TMI but my uterus was folded, I had ultrasounds and multiple doctors telling me so.
Last time I went for an ultrasound, trying to figure my latest health issues out, the gynecologist told me that my uterus was normal, the fold was somehow gone. So yeah, I guess I was right.

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FELLOW Canuck said...

So does that mean flights to England are now a medical expense?