Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crafty Christmas

The holidays are always a difficult time here. Normally bf works on the evening of the 24th so I'm home alone. It's a little depressing. I miss the family dinners with chicken, stuffing and cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding doused in liqueur and flambéed.

I'll be home alone on the 24th again this year this year though we are leaving on the 25th with his family to visit a nearby city.

Last year was lovely. It was the first (possibly second) time I've had a normal Christmas while living in this country. We went to Florence for a night, we left on the 24th and spent it having a nice dinner. Then on the 25th morning we woke up and opened some small gifts in pyjamas. It was homey even if we weren't at home, or anywhere near a Christmas tree.

The holidays are always the hardest as an ex-pat. For me it's mostly Halloween and Christmas that make me homesick. Easter wasn't a huge thing with my family, although I do miss Easter egg hunts.

I've been super busy these days though. I've barely had time to think about Christmas. I've been making gifts for people. Every free minute I have is spent crafting something or other. Crafting keeps my mind off everything. It's better than sex... at least, it is at the moment, since I'm not getting any.

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