Saturday, December 17, 2016


When I get myself off without any visual aid I live inside my brain. It's an odd thing to analyze, I know because I've tried before and I'm not sure I was very successful. I'd like to try again. 
When I think of sex, when I fantasize about sex, my brain tends to choose a perspective or two. One is my own perspective. I visualize things as if I'm seeing it myself. However this is not my brain's preferred perspective. My brain's preferred perspective is from the guy's point of view. To the point of imagining what he would feel. 
My brain will switch back and forth between the two depending on what is more appealing. 
From the man's perspective I can imagine what it would feel like to thrust a cock deep down a throat. I can imagine holding a woman's ass as she's being fucked from behind. To be honest the woman is always me. Yes, this seems weird even to me. I can picture my (man) self fucking my (woman) self. But my 'man self' is not actually me. It's just me seeing through my partner's perspective. 

I imagine that on reason for my empathy; this capacity to feel what he is feeling, comes from porn. The imagery we see is almost always from his perspective. It has been engrained into my fantasies. I have never seen a porn video eroticize men like most porn does with women. I would be curious to see that. The only types of videos that do are gay porn, which is probably why I don't mind (though I don't actively search for it) gay porn. 

Another reason comes from my innate need to please. I want to please my partner so much that I embody his person's perspective. How else will I know if it pleases him? 


Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same. I don't think porn is the reason though - i rather think it's a universal feeling, the satisfaction that comes from being able to satisfy your partner, and I think that's the reason porn almost always focuses on the woman's pleasure - since it's made from a male perspective. The perspective of the woman would be to depict the pleasure of the man, and I always look for those clips but mostly with little success. I like hearing the guy moan, but it's mostly drenched out by the woman's unnaturally loud and high pitched voice.

Cande said...

Well, all I can say is, thank god it's not just me. I thought I was in a category all by myself. I'm not sure it's universal. I think the desire to please your partner and the empathy is probably pretty universal. What probably isn't, is the mental imagery that we choose to use. I highly doubt men switch perspectives like we do. That's what fascinates me and it's what I think may be due to the porn. But it's an issue of the 'chicken and the egg' hard to say which came first.

Peter Princip said...

I thought about this and realized that since the internet is on my phone, I never masturbate to mental imagery anymore, it's all Tumblr or

When I was younger, pre smart phone, I did most of my masturbation in front of a computer. I did, and still do, use the "spank bank". Mental images of me fucking someone...I am always me.

When I write erotic stories I switch back and forth depending on who I am writing. This really turns me on. I love writing from a girls perspective.

I find it fascinating that porn has influenced the mental perspective of women. I tried to imagine POV porn from a woman's perspective...not sure how popular that would be. It could be hot as hell!!!

A girl exploring her body in her room, looking down at her tits and pussy. Then her step dad walks in on her (or brothers friend, or dad if you are really kinky) and sees her. He is shocked and walks out quickly.

The girl calls him back in and asks for him to stay...directs him to show her his her pussy...fuck her...

A cumshot from a girls perspective would be rather cool.

Ok...who what's to be the star...I will be the stepdad!!!