Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A face I've seen before

Since playing around on cam I've never come across anyone I know. But it has crossed my mind that I might someday.

One day something happened that I might say was a close call. I had been going on a website called Camfrog. It's a place full of people looking for free webcam nudity. Most people don't have cams, but a few do. Most of the viewers are men but the funny thing is for publicity reasons they often have pre-recorded videos of girls getting naked. I used to strip and watch the comments, it was fun, I liked to see what people thought. Some thought I was one of the pre-recorded vids, and I would laugh and answer on the main chat board that I was real.

One friday, my neighbor, who is a bit of a porn fiend and quite open with me, asked me what websites he could use to chat with girls. I refused to answer (pretending not to know), suggesting he open an msn account. I even looked up a few sites in front of him which were solely chat rooms (no cams). That saturday I was about to go on Camfrog but my computer crashed and kept crashing. I coulnd't log on.
The monday after I asked my neighbor if he had found any satisfying chat sites, and he said that he had. When I asked him what it was called, he said Camfrog and I nearly gagged. I had been lucky. If my computer hadn't broken down I would have gone on and he would have seen me.

I often wonder about old high school friends, or ex boyfriends brothers, or even ex boyfriends. The internet seems HUGE but I don't think it's as big as we think it is.


sin said...

Or worse... how about a husband, and brother, father, a son. Eeek.

Advizor said...

I've thought the same thing which is why I've NEVER posted an HNT, or anything remotely identifiable. Call me paranoid, but just yesterday I clicked on a CNN link, witch took me to a Google Image search, and 2-3 three clicks later I found a friend's public access TV show on YouTube. I haven't seen him in years, so you are right, the world is much smaller than it used to be. (But let me know next time you are on CamFrog, and I'll dial in...)

Leonhart said...

Your neighbour gets to talk porn with you? And let you point him towards porn sites? Jesus. The fact that he missed out on a potential strip view of you is a narrow escape, for sure, but he can't grumble too much!