Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tie me up to enhance my curves, bind me and block me so I can't move.

A cream of chocolate, spread knowingly over my body. The perfume penetrating my nose and boring a hole in my brain. Making our mouths water.

Chocolate mousse soft and light dolloped artfully on each nipple.
Whipped cream, the kind in a can, sprayed in patterns over my tight belly leading down between my legs.
Two lines of chocolate syrup, squeezed directly from the bottle on either thigh, letting it drip and trickle, tickling my thighs, making me squirm, making me want to scratch the itch, making me moan for you to lick and bite it.

Raspberries placed randomly over my surface, waiting to be snatched up. Pass me one from between your chocolate lips. Let me taste the sour juices contrasting the bittersweet chocolate. Let me lick and suck the raspberry from between your sweet lips until I send you back for another one. When they're gone I'll order you to follow the trail of whipped cream to that mysterious place between my legs. Follow the trail of chocolate syrup up my thighs easing my itching pain to finally plunge your tongue into the abyss.
My back unnaturally arched, you are the culprit. Our bodies sliding together the chocolate melting, the smell getting stronger, and covering us both.

Sitting me upright, forcing me to my knees, you order me to lick at you, clean you up with my tongue and lips. You take your rock hard cock in your hand to guide it over my breasts, wiping up the chocolate mousse left there. You force my head down, taking me by my hair, explaining as you do that I've made a mess and I must clean it up. Your hard cock enters my mouth, eager for that chocolaty smooth head. Still guiding my head, you push and pull me by my hair, forcing my mouth over that pulsing member, making the chocolate melt and run down my chin, penetrating my throat, making me gasp for air. The taste of the bittersweet chocolate mixes with a decidedly more bitter taste of that special boiling liquid you produce on your own, spewing down my throat and I'm finally full. After such a long starvation.


Realiti said...

Wow, thats erotic as hell....I love it

James said...

Oh, I want to have dessert with you, or actually, have you for dessert. Yummm.

Cande said...

Realiti: Welcome and thanks for the kind words!

James: Dessert is "on me" ;-)

Leonhart said...

Nice post! Or should that be delicious?

Cande said...

Leonhart: Thanks hon!

M and A said...

This is VERY hot :) I'm loving your blog!! Please keep this up :)