Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'm in a pissy mood.

I've been home sick, and I'm getting sick of bf. I know it's a temporary feeling. It will go away. But I really can't stand him at the moment. So I'm going to bitch and whine here because it will make me feel better. Don't read further it will probably just annoy you.

We were supposed to go to an electronics fair together, but since I was sick I didn't go. He came back with: an alarm clock, and christmas lights.

Later that day he went to a grocery store and bought me a pair of dark blue gloves that he paid a Euro for.

I made fun of him for the alarm clock, because it was a cheap "made in china" alarm clock, that promised stuff on the box that it didn't do in real life.  And to boot it was a talking alarm clock, to turn the light on you had to listen to it... super useful at night when you're trying to sleep, or when your partner is trying to sleep... hint hint at the irony here.

The Christmas lights stopped working after a bit for some reason the button to change the flashing is sporadic.

And the gloves were dark blue, a colour which I hate and I had told him not to buy me gloves because I would buy them myself.

Right... I'm an ungrateful bitch (no he didn't say that). I should have said... oooh thank you, you're so sweet for buying me such lovely gifts.
I shouldn't have told him that they ripped him off for the clock that had false advertisement on the box. I shouldn't have told him that the christmas lights weren't working, or that the gloves were something I wanted to buy on my own.

What was the response? I asked him if he liked the christmas tree that I decorated. He said that he didn't like it. When I asked him why he said that he didn't have to give a reason. And that he had told me that he wanted to do it himself, which was a reference to the gloves if you hadn't noticed... I hadn't and I actually thought he wanted to decorate the tree himself. I had a sinking feeling that he was being facetious but I took the decorations off the tree anyhow (it's a pretty small tree luckily).

The next morning he said, "oh... you took the decorations off?"
And I mentioned what he had said the day before. And he admitted to "joking".
We had an argument and now we're at a standstill.


So here's my reasoning:
EVERY FUCKING PRESENT I've ever bought the man has been totally unappreciated. He has NEVER EVER said thanks I really like it, even out of politeness. He puts the gift down, he tells you exactly what he hates about it, he sits it in the closet or drawer, then after YEARS he finally pulls it out and starts using it. He actually uses them to death... but noooo not right away.... after YEARS. He doesn't just do it with me. He does it with everyone. So I know it's not directed at me. But Christmas and his birthday become painful for me. I never have any idea what the hell to get him because I know he'll just hate it.

So in one day. I dissed 3 things he brought me.... is that REALLY that wrong?? I was telling the truth. He bought three cheap products... and that's another thing. He would rather spend a Euro and buy something that doesn't work over spending 5 to get something that actually works.

He would rather cut and burn something (specifically a curtain) and have it look bad than spend the money on something that is already finished. ARGGGGGGGG

Ok... I think I'm done... sorry, that was random.. props for whoever actually read all of this without laughing or shaking their head in the shame of my ramblings.


mikecb said...

My wife is utterly ungracious when receiving gifts that don't interest her, too. Yet, she EXPECTS gifts.

I gave up. She now gets gift cards to stores I know she likes. She moaned one day "You never buy me gifts, you just give me cards..." I said "Because the last 5 gifts I gave you, you complained about. Are you complaining about the cards, now too? I can stop those."

She shut up. She was miserable to live with for a week, but now when she gets her gift cards, she says "Thank you" and that's the end of it. If she wants a specific gift, she tells me, and I'll buy it for her.

I hate the Holidays.

Cande said...

Oohhh I totally understand.... Perhaps I should start doing the same. just giving him gift cards. What we've ended up doing is buying gifts in each others presence.

He finds something he likes and i buy it for him... But no matter what I grew up with the idea that a person should buy something as a surprise. And the other, whether you like it or not should at least show their appreciation....

A said...

Hm well for me, if it is something practical, gift or not it should at least work! Of course you can still appreciate that he was at least attempting to be thoughtful. Gifts are often tricky things...

Marcus said...

You have to let it out someplace, your blog has got to be the least harmful place, so bitch away and be pissy all you want! We don't mind.

Gift buying can be so stressful. I've learned that it is not just the thought that counts but the thoughtfulness. How much were you really thinking of the other person? 1 Euro gloves don't demonstrate a ton of thoughfulness, so I can see where you are coming from.

I'm pretty lucky with my wife on receiving gifts, she is usually very appreciative and at the least polite. Now, my dad is a separate matter. I'm tempted to buy something for him, return it and hand him a slip for store credit since he almost always returns it no matter what.

Racer X said...

When a girl gets overly bitchy with me I always administer a firm, hard and even violent spanking, followed by a thorough fuck. After that she is always as calm and sweet as possible. Any gift I give her is then appreciated and loved.

If not, she gets another spanking.