Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoughts on Men, and Questions (at the end).

I haven't written a post in a while. Life takes over, especially around Christmas time.
My father is getting here on Thursday, and I still haven't finished doing everything I need to do before he gets here. Plus I have a million people to make little gifts for. I made all my Christmas gifts for friends this year.
Yes I can be crafty as well as artsy. So I got busy and made all sorts of things. But it's time consuming and somewhat stressful.

I haven't had anything really substantial going on these days. This is another reason for not writing I guess. I tend to get distracted by little things and concentrate less on boys on occasion... it doesn't happen all that often buuut I guess it's that time of the year.

I'm totally addicted to a new photo app on my iphone (sounds off topic, but it's one of my distractions lately), I love taking pictures, editing them and posting them to see what others think. There are so many cool people out there taking great pictures on their phones or other cameras, and editing them, making them artistic, pieces of pure creativity. I just love it.

I talked to Rob today... tonight, in the dark, whispering, words gliding over me, my hands cold running over my body as he told me what to touch and how fast to go. His offenses, calling me a slut, turns me on so much. We don't talk a whole lot when we're getting off. We're both shy that way. We stare at each other a lot. He's got a little more guts than I do, and he talks more. I love to listen to his voice.
We didn't stay on to talk after either, although sometimes I'd love to, but he's just not the type to hang around. Is that what's called the "Alpha male " syndrome? lol... in for the chase and then gone after? ah well I don't mind we have our chats during the day.

Last week we had a great conversation that lasted probably 1.5 to 2 hours. It was just chit-chat about whatever. I'm not sure he realizes how much I love those, or how much they turn me on after I hang up the phone. Nothing sexual passes in the conversations except for the occasional, "when are you coming", "are you going to fuck me again?" type questions. But after we get off the phone I end up getting so worked up. Maybe it's like a Pavlov's reaction to his voice or accent or something.

As for work, things have been ambiguous with Co-Worker as usual. I Honestly don't know what to make of him most of the time... and I've been ignoring him. A few of the instances that had me confused were:
-walking up to me within an inch of my face and staring me down, only to walk away in utter silence after I ask "what?" quietly. (same one as described last entry)
-Walking up to me after my other co-worker notices I'm wearing perfume and sniffs my neck within a distance that I can feel his breath on my shoulder.
-giving me little encouraging nudges and pats for a job well done.
-we even joked about kisses, and he asked me to plant one on his cheek, it was in front of our clients and I did not obey.
-we also had our first argument of sorts. It's a long story but in the end we were both right, and he basically got frustrated at me for having blamed him (in a roundabout way) for his forgetting to tell me something,  he did tell me but not on time. He thinks that it wasn't his place to tell me in the first place.
Whatever... in any case he got over it pretty quickly.
-He helped me with my dad's Christmas present idea.

Ignoring means that I haven't been flirting at all. I've been joking around, the usual stuff, just none of the typical touchy or me making it obvious. I think that could be why he's started with his games again.

He's just a player. But I do plan to do a little experiment on him to see his reaction. I'm planning to try his walk up close and stare game. See what he does. I've never done it to him. Except we won't be working together until a while after Christmas... so it'll have to wait.

Women do little experiments on you.
Did you know that?
I'd love to hear a man's voice. I'd love to find out if men do the same.


Michael said...

well I know sometimes I do little "tests" or "experiments", and then evaluate the reaction/result. After the evaluation, either proceed to the next step, or go back to square one. In your experiment with CoW, what are your potential "next" steps?


Anonymous said...

Of course I know women do these experiments, yes us men do them too. I think it's by our very nature we want to see who will pass and who won't to see if they are worthy of us.

If you don't update before the festive season is upon us have a lovely festive period and roll on 2012 may it be a fun one for you x

Johanna said...

When I was younger, I was way too lacking in femaile confidence to do any experiments. Then I got married, and older, and older, and older... and now I think I'm way too old to do any experiments. I want honesty, pure and simple, from both sides. I'd hate it if someone did to me what co-worker is doing with you. Seriously - as far as I can tell you have given him lots of opportunities to move to a more intimate level with you, and he hasn't acted. Too bad for him, but I say don't give him any more chances.

As for Rob.. that sounds far more enjoyable :-) (But you know I have a penchant for these things...)

Happy new year Cande - may 2012 be a pleasurable one

Jen17 said...

hot - and fun! i enjoyed this. readers who may be interested in learning about the worlds biggest and best community for anything goes phone sex are also welcome here.