Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leading Him On.

Before I start the usual update, are there any strippers/prostitutes/escorts with a stable relationship reading this blog? I may have an email that could interest you. Do you know someone who fits this description, another blogger maybe? Could be a scam, but it seems there's a tv crew looking for candidates for a docu-series. They pay to film you in your relationship. They're looking for loving relationships that work even if one partner has a 'different' lifestyle.  If you're interested let me know I'll pass the info along.

It's funny how things go. The name of the my blog diary when I first started was "secret diary of an online stripper" and so I often get emails like this just because of the name. It's still the URL.

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So I walk past the Office guy every Wednesday morning and today, like every other wednesday he was sitting in his fish tank window. The window is quite big, but it also has a large blind covering it so I can't actually see into most of the window. He used to keep the blind shut, he started keeping it open about 2 months ago but only partially, only enough to see his chair and part of his desk.

This morning, when I walked by, I turned my head to look at him, smiled and kept walking and he moved his body to continue to watch me. He doesn't smile, he always looks kinda surprised, which is fair I guess. I know I'll be walking past him but he doesn't know when I'll be coming by.

On my way back home I walk past again, but by the time I do, he's either on lunch or in a meeting. He has never been at his desk when I walk past after my lesson but his blind had been opened twice as much as before.

It's fun but I admit that it's not exactly fair of me. I'm leading him on, poor guy. I'm making it look like I'm interested when I'm just having fun with it. Sure, he's cute, he's probably a bit younger than me too... I'm guessing a couple years younger than me, but if he ever gets it into his head that he wants to find out more about me, or if he decides that he wants to talk to me I'll end up in trouble. Especially this close to home.

Maybe I should lay off going past his window when I can avoid it. I have been making an effort to go past, but I could often avoid it....

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One of my student groups is a group of women in their 60s. We got to talking about a friend of mine who was in a terrible relationship here and ran back to her home country to get away from him.

We ended up talking about relationships in general and one of the women happened to mention that when she and her husband retired, they really had a rough time with it because being around each other 24/7 is frustrating. You see everything that person does and you nit pick about it. She said something wise, she said that both partners have to find their own space and time, and if you don't, you'll end up ruining the relationship. I knew this already, it's not the first time I've said it myself but hearing it from someone who has been with her husband for 40 years makes all the difference. When I talked about getting my own place all the ladies agreed that it was a good solution.

This was the last lesson before the holidays and as we left and said our goodbyes they paid me all sorts of compliments about my teaching abilities. It was sweet, to the point that I was moved.

When I got home though my happiness dissolved into frustration at seeing the bf glued to his computer, as he has been for the past 2 months. He's doing an English course online but to tell you the truth he spends 6 hours a day in front of it and when he's not doing that, he's watching something or doing other things on the computer. I can't complain. I'm not allowed because he has always nagged me about spending too much time on the computer. But it does frustrate me to no end. It seems like he doesn't do anything productive whatsoever. I don't see the progress because the English is all written and reading, he still can't speak and he doesn't try with me at all. To boot he actually finished the course and just recently started it again... yes people he's doing it over. Whatever... I can't say anything, I'm an English teacher, I'm the first one to say that everything counts but I just can't get my head around this.


Advizor54 said...

You could tell him that you'll only talk dirty to him in English, that he has to ask for all of his meals in English, and that any requests for sex have to come in the form of a three part essay paragraph, in English. Maybe that will give him some motivation.

I'm in agreement with your old ladies, my wife and I picked at each other over the dumbest stuff while I was laid off, but my problem was the opposite. She wanted me on the computer all the time, looking for work, writing cover letters. I was never able to convince her that Tumblr had job postings and that was a networking site.

Malcolm said...

Best not to try to understand him. Frustration, perhaps resentment (?) will do you no good. Let him be, don't compare between your activities and his.

My wife is very, very tolerant of me and my activities, and I bless her for it. She's a Filipina, and Filipinos are a tolerant people in general. She's lazy, and spoiled, but she has more than her share of tolerance. It's one thing I really appreciate.

I know you people are always wanting to get things right, but this isn't always a good thing.