Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas....or something.

I went into work today to give everyone they're little xmas gifts that I made. Co-worker was there of course and when he came in he barely said hi. He doesn't get along with one of the women I work with, and since I was talking to her I assumed it was for that reason.

We exchanged our gifts, got paid, and talked a little about our work situation for the new year and our boss decided to take us all to the cafe and to get pastries and coffee.

On our walk there Co-W came up right next to me hooked his arm around mine and proceeded to ask me how my dad was.

I can't even remember if I'd written it here or not but my dad has prostate cancer.

I'd mentioned it to Co-W briefly, months ago, and it was never brought up again. It was super sweet of him to ask though, or even remember for that matter. I told him that things were great, my dad's PSA levels are down more than the last test and are within the "low limit" now.

I asked him how his gf was getting on with the pregnancy, he was all enthusiastic about how they did a pre-partum course and got showed all sorts of cool stuff. He was so happy to talk about it. It was nice to see him so ecstatic.

I am really glad that we had the 4 minute conversation and contact. I feel really good about our friendship, I wouldn't want to lose it.

I have left Bf's gift to the last minute. I couldn't figure out what to get. I finally opted for a couple rounds on a race track with a Ferrari or a Porsche. I'm not buying it but I will print it up and give it to him. If he doesn't like the idea we can pick something else. I'm hoping he'll say yes and we could make a sort of weekend of it and I'd pay for a night or two in a nice hotel, maybe with a spa, his birthday is in Jan too so I always have to double the gifts around this time of year....

I'm not really into the Christmas mood, yesterday was hellish... but I think things are looking up. I just need to remember to just relax and enjoy things, try not to stress myself out about everything.

Right.... As for everyone else MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever other festivity you celebrate and if not enjoy the free time you'll have to yourself during the holidays, I know I will!

Hugs to all... and yes I'll be around during the festivities. Plus there's an HNT comeback so expect me to be up for that!



Advizor54 said...

I think the gift idea (who doesn't want to drive race cars, I mean, come on, that's so cool) and I love the idea of a weekend away at a spa paid for by a beautiful woman. How can you turn that down?

And co-worker seems to be doing well and you seem to be handling it very well. I get group e-mails and pictures from my version of co-worker. Her new baby is so very very cute, but she has no time for me. Losing her as a "special" friend makes me sad, but she's a terrific mom and is doing just what she should be.

Have a wonderful new year!

Marcus said...

Awesome gift ideas! I would be in heaven with those.
Merry Christmas Miss Cande!!