Friday, June 21, 2013

Dream influence

I'm sure I've written about this topic in the past. Dreams are powerful things and sometimes I get one that just changes everything for me.

Last night I got a call from one of my students, he asked me if he could come for a lesson. He's a University student that I got up to conversational speed for job interviews as his courses were ending. I hadn't heard from him or seen him in months and got that surprise call last night at about 10pm.

He's not a good looking kid. He's already balding, he's only 22 or so. He's average, certainly nothing too exciting. The strange thing is that when I was teaching at one of the local high schools he was in one of my classes and I somehow remembered him when he came for private lessons a few months back.
Anyhow my point being that I've known this kid for a while if you count that I met him when he was in his first year of high school and he has now finished university.

Let's get to the dream... So the dream was bizarre and I don't know what the surrounding circumstances were. All I can remember is that we were in bed together and he wanted to seduce me. He wanted to hold me, to kiss me, to run his leg up my thighs and I kept pulling away, telling him that I couldn't. That I had a boyfriend. We were fully clothed, both of us. He was wearing shorts, it was warm and we had just a sheet floating around between us.

Fact is that when I get dreams like this it totally alters my view of the person. I seem to create a stronger connection with them. Today when he came it was strange for me, almost awkward at first and it's all so one sided.

During our lesson today my mind would occasionally slip to the dream. And there was something that would grab my attention and turn me on. Don't, for one second, think that I find this kid attractive. I don't he's an odd looking guy with strange mannerisms. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's just cause I've been horny because of the imminent meeting with Rob... in any case yeah, it was strange.


Ethan Lambert said...

I have similar experiences with people I'm not necessary interested in either. Sometimes I'll just be in a sexual mood, and I can't help but let my mind wander onto sexual subjects to nearly anybody I'm familiar with, interested or no.

A few months back I also had a dream, mine about a coworker and I working late and one thing leading to another. I'm in no way interested in her (not that there's anything wrong with her, just that I think if we were any more than chummy coworkers we'd absolutely hate each other), but it was difficult to separate her from sex all week.

It's mighty uncomfortable to find yourself aroused at wildly inappropriate times (and this is speaking as a guy who usually finds it appropriate to be aroused almost constantly!).

Advizor54 said...

I had a dream about a friend of mine from church a few days ago, no "sex" but very sexual, touching, kissing, and some sweet stuff like hand holding and such. She's cute and funny and a bit high-energy for me, but we occasionally flirt and 'banter.' Well, I happen to sit right behind her at services the following week, we said hello as usual, but I waited, and right before services began, I leaned forward and said, "I dreamed about you last night."

"Do I want to hear about it?" she asked.

"No you do not." I said.

All through services she kept turning around to look at me and I just smiled. Drove her crazy.

:-) I love dreams like that.