Saturday, February 15, 2014

A smile

I got the sweetest smile from a guy in a Greek takeaway place today. 
He had been eyeing me sice my friends and I walked in. We exchanged a few glances and smiles during friendly conversation with the owner but it was when he left that was the best. 
As he turned to leave he said goodbye and thanked the owner, he looked at me as he said goodbye so I answered with a smile and a goodbye back. Once out the door though he turned too look at me as he shut the door and then again as he walked down the steps, both times with a nice smile.

I like clean shaven men, this guy, probably my age, had a very full beard. But he  was cute... His smile was cute. 

I loved the deliberateness of it. The fact that he turned to look twice, making sure I'd seen, without a word or expectations. 

It was a nice perk to my already nice day. 

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Advizor54 said...

Aren't moments like that just fantastic? I wouldn't really know since hot guys with beards rarely smile at me, but this one homeless guy whistles when ever I walk by, does that count?

The nice part of a moment like that is that it's just a moment, a passing smile that makes both people happy, and we should all do more of that.

As a side note, my "prove you aren't a robot" word is FECLUDING. Which probably doesn't mean anything, but sounds dirty, so I like it