Sunday, July 20, 2014

The New Pink Bra

(Written last week)

There are days, like today, where I feel high as a kite. Too many compliments and attention for one day. It's shallow, but sometimes it's what I thrive for.

Yesterday I bought new bras. Yeah, three new bras and new panties to boot. They were on sale. I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and put one on. One of the bras is hot pink and it fits me damn well. It's hard for me to find decent bras here. They have weird sizes so the only place that sells normal US sizing is H&M and lucky for me I like their bras.

I woke up, put the hot pink one on and  put on a fuchsia tank top to match and waltzed out the door.

Work was normal, not much from Co-Worker, (though I did get a great and very unusual hug yesterday, I've never gotten a hug from him), just a normal morning at work.

On my bike, heading to lunch, Co-worker happened to pass me in his car, window rolled down, he yells out something that I didn't catch. I get to my lunch place and send him a text "what did you say?" His answer "Soooooo TIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTT" lol I thanked him. Too funny, but just the type of thing I love to hear.

I text Rob, with a hi and he answers with a "hi Sexy" and our conversation continues onto sexy yumminess. Needless to say I could live off of him alone.

While eating lunch, I'm with the usual guy friend I have lunch with and I get a call from a friend, so I speak in English for the whole conversation. Once I'm off the phone I get a look from him, like he's melting or something and he says.... Gina, you just sound sooo sexy when you speak english. And goes on to mumble about some questions he wants to ask me but then backs off and doesn't ask me.

Yeah. It was a good day for compliments. Was it the bra? possibly... making me more assertive, making me feel better about myself, confidence is key right?

Colour is funky in this pic, or is it just my computer? oh and the spot, on my side, yeah that's the mirror, an antique.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking there would be a click through image with the bra in your are one hot girl.

Frank said...

sounds like a great day. and a sexy bra. and a very sexy you.

phoenix said...

I also click the picture lol. Glad to see you posting pictures again. Beautiful as alwasys.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very hot on you! I love it! Did you get matching panties too?

Cande said...

LOL I guess I should have done a click through, Sorry guys, I didn't have time to set it up... and I only had one pic :D ...Next time.

Ralph, unfortunately not. The bras were on sale so matching panties were sold out.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love the bra even without the matching panties, you are very sexy looking in it!

T Gostea said...

you are goddamn as hot as ever. Damn girl.