Tuesday, July 29, 2014


There is something about certain types of interaction I just adore. They make me feel so happy, so good, so alive.

They are internet interactions though and as much as we say the internet is making us less and less social, I feel like I'm drawn closer to some people.

I have made some very good friends through this blog. Interaction with them seriously fills me with joy at times. I got a lovely email from a blogger friend and just grinned at the pictures she sent. I grinned and felt a really lovely sensation of happiness. I felt really lucky to have such wonderful connections.

Maybe they're not as frequent as they could be, but sometimes that brings us back to the stone age with snail mail. It makes us appreciate what comes even more.

Another part of that feeling was due to the fact that I had been in touch with Rob. Interaction with him brings me out of a slumber sometimes. You go about life just buzzing around like a busy worker bee, things just sort of move along at their pace. You barely notice the days passing, there's always so much going on, and then you get that text or that email from that person and you come alive. You literally feel like you've been asleep. The numb droning seems to disappear and your brain is back on, your heart races and your tummy jumps. You laugh, grin, and hide the smile that creeps across your face at inappropriate moments. There's both a mental and physical reaction going on and it's amazing.

I feel damn lucky. I wouldn't trade this for the world. This is exactly where I am happy to be.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you and am happy you are in such a good place! You are a very lovely person and I enjoy reading whatever you chose to write about!

Cande said...

Aw thanks Ralph! that's a sweet comment.