Thursday, July 3, 2014

Glasses and Feet (not together though)

I got my glasses fixed finally. Yesterday I came really close to putting my hair in a high pony tail, putting my glasses on and wearing red lipstick. I didn't... I mean I did, but then took the lipstick off.

I went to work put my glasses in my bag and proceeded to do my normal job. Then I had to sit down at the computer and write some emails, Co-worker came in and was being coy so I said "If you're not careful I'll put my glasses on." His response was more or less a "yes please" and then left. I grabbed my glasses and continued with my emails. He came back in, looked at me rambling on about my glasses and then got to the drawer where he had to get something and stopped in his tracks looked at me and said "you made me forget what I wanted to get". When I responded with a "sure, sure, whatever" he insisted that it was true.

He also said that he'd bring me the red lipstick. fact is I don't look great in red lipstick... or at least I haven't really had the opportunity to see myself look good in red lipstick. I'm not sure what it is but I just don't find that it suits me. Maybe I need a full makeover, hair and all to pull it off.


So bf came over last night, we went to a beach town for a walk. It was a nice evening. I had been planning on just watching some tv on the couch but he texted me telling me he was coming over.

We had sex last night too. It was a combination of things that worked out. Mostly because he didn't fall asleep before I got to bed. He tends to do that while I'm in the shower. Anyhow the sex was pretty good. I came hard. I hadn't had a sex orgasm in over a month. What got me off? it was odd, definitely a first time. I was on top, with one of his legs in between mine, I was slightly askew and my left leg was bent up so my foot was over his knee. He grabbed my foot and entwined his fingers in my toes and pulled my foot up to meet my ass. That made me cum. It was hot. I can't describe it well enough to render the image and I can't even picture it properly in my head, but that's what happened. I think the fact that I was slightly constrained, almost as if tied, was the turn on. I've always been turned on by being immobilized, since I was a kid even.

So yeah, that was my day yesterday.


Advizor54 said...

That's a pretty good day in my book.

If the deep red lipstick doesn't work, go for a maroon, i think it would work. I know he'd appreciate the effort.

And as for the position that made you cum? You know what they say about a thousand words....


Anonymous said...

I would love to see you in glasses...only