Monday, September 22, 2014

Co-W is even hotter.

Back at work last week I was looking forward to seeing Co-W but alas he was down with a nasty flu. Today, Monday I knew he'd be in though. Fact is I wasn't expecting to see what I saw.

He shaved.
After knowing him for what must be around 12 years with a beard he shaved it. He always had this scraggly blond thing, I've never seen him without it and I'm not a beard kinda girl, especially scraggly ones. I had no idea what he really looked like under it either.

Today... today ladies and gents, I finally saw and man oh man was it ever good. I had a hard time keeping a smile off my face today. Holy cow. He had his hair looking good too, a little wavy, a little suave... clean shaven.... and I could actually see his expressions, his mouth and his smile and the irony that I often miss.

The new girl who works with us was also smiling uncontrollably today, possibly for the same reason. He was looking damn hot.

Sometimes I wonder if good looking guys grow beards to tone down the attraction and attention they get. I kinda get that, if it were the case. I know a lot of really hot guys who grow beards and they end up looking average after. It makes sense. But I don't know that it's the case. It's like a really good looking girl dressing down all the time, because if she dresses up she gets way too much attention.

Anyhow.... needless to say I wanted to jump him even more. I hope it lasts. I might even ask him not to grow it back... though I'm sure he won't listen to me.


Leonhart said...

No way does a guy grow a beard to tone down their "hotness".

They either grow one because they think it makes them look hotter, or to cover up bad skin / fat face.

Advizor54 said...

We grow beards simpply because we hate shaving.

We shave them because without the beard there is less risk of scratching sensitive skin.

Now is your chance. Make your move.

Sweet Lou said...

Advizor is correct. He definitely just doesn't want to shave. He may not even know how hot the ladies think he is. I know I would be surprised.

Make your move!

T Gostea said...

You should work with me, even though I don't really have a job I must be at. I wonder if you would want to jump me.