Sunday, September 14, 2014


So I'm sitting in Charles de Gaule airport leaving Paris after having spent 5 days with my dad here. A recurrent thought has been going through my head since I got here on Monday though. 

Rob and I were toying with the idea of meeting here on this trip. We talked about it at one point earlier this year, he was going to park and catch a train and I was going to stay a few extra days. 

I've been before. It was last year, on my last trip to see Rob. This time all I could notice were the lovers though. Hundreds of them. They say Paris is the most romantic city, the city of love. The first time I came I didn't see it, this time though it was all I could see. I wanted Rob there with me. I wanted to sit on the banks of the river Seine and kiss him, have champagne and crèpes Suzette with a view of Notre Dame at night together and visit the Musée D'Orsay and stand in front of my favourite paintings with him. (I know romantic/syrupy sweet overload... Sorry... I'm not usually this obviously sugary.)

Some part of me even wanted him to meet my dad. Fact is my dad and the bf can't really communicate as the bf doesn't speak English. It's something that doesn't bother anyone (except perhaps the bf), me included but sometimes I feel like it would be nice for my dad to interact properly with my partner. 

**On a seperate, side note re. my last post**

The evening ended well. Drinks with the co-w and his friend, old lover and myself all at the same table. They told stories of school together and old lover flirted incessantly with me while co-w less so, though he did sit next to me, keeping old lover at a more comfortable distance thankfully. 

We said our goodbyes and I walked home but soon after got many text messages from old lover insisting I come with him to another quieter bar for more drinks, when I told him I wasn't feeling up to it and that I was heading to bed he continued with more texts that I didn't receive because I had bid him a second good night and turned the phone off. 

Once awake, the next morning, I read them and one was asking for a hug. I imagine he wanted it that night but I pretended he just wanted a virtual one and sent a text saying 'hugs' back. I deleted the messages and haven't heard since... He's back home now mind you. 

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rachel-xx said...

Hey Cande! I may not write much but you are often in my thoughts.