Saturday, December 20, 2014


There's something to say about good old phone sex. I remember having phone sex when I was a teenager with my first boyfriends. It was a naughty thing to do without actually having sex. 

There would be him asking me to do various things, shy, I'm sure, afraid to ask certain things. 'Taste yourself', 'lick your finger and put it...' Me on the other end performing, obeying orders, groaning quietly into the phone. There would be silences while we worked to get ourselves off and then there'd be questions 'how close are you?' 'Are you going to cum?' 'How many fingers are you using?' 'How wet are you?'

The human voice can convey so much. It's really incredible. I've heard it can even transmit information about certain hormones or pheromones. It would explain why any woman could reach orgasm just to hear Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. 

Skype is no different really with the added plus of the video. I guess for a guy those are probably more important even than the voice, but for me it's the voice that really gets me. 

For me it's the right words will bring me to my knees, doubled over in ecstasy. 

They could be sweet or smutty, calling me a little slut or telling me how beautiful I look, telling me what you'll do to me, or just saying 'fuck that's hot, work your pussy for me'. Orders are welcome but I especially want to hear what I do to you, what seeing/hearing me makes you feel and want. It's the ones you're most afraid of that will be whispered and the ones that will get me closer to my goal. 

I want to hear what you'd use the various parts of my body for, how you'd fill me with your cum, how you'd take advantage of all my holes. 

Whispers feel like they get inside my head, it's like you're inside me fucking me from the inside out. 

I'll take a good mind fuck any day. 

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Mind Fuck!