Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Want to Make me Cum?

Start with the mind and work your way down from there. Start within the mind, teasing, writing, speaking, hinting. You can tell me what you want and tell me what I want. Whisper obscenities in my ears give me orders I can obey or put words into my mouth.

Then the eyes: looks, glances... look away and then look back, look me up and down, watch me from a distance. Have me perform for you or you could perform for me. The eyes are essential. Watch me watch you but I especially enjoy watching you watch me.

The mouth is next. Smiles, closed ones, open ones showing teeth, a little tongue, bite your lip, then bite mine kissing and licking. It can be rough or sweet... either way works. It puts the rest of the body in motion. You can move down from there, biting the neck, sucking, licking, nipples, fingers... Make me suck yours. Use my mouth, don't be nice all the time. Contrast, that's what makes it interesting. Yin and Yang. You know... all rolled into one. Sharp biting with soft licking. Rough with sweet.

Start with the mind but never leave it. Keep it active. Keep talking, keep teasing, keep whispering, especially whispering.

Continue down, work your way down but don't move from one to the next, keep everything engaged as best you can. Don't forget the eyes, the smiles, the biting.

Hands next. Hands moving everywhere. Down especially, but up too. Up to the head, to the hair, to the neck. Squeeze, pull, push, slap even, spank. Further, deeper, faster. You've got two hands they can do more than one thing at a time, working in unison. Multitask.

I don't want control. I want to lose it completely to you.

Sex, your cock, well that's the last of it. That's the last step. Everything up to that is gold. Sex is not the main event. It's an integral part of the rest, everything that goes on before determines how good the sex will be. Your cock is a tool, just like the rest of you. Use it well and you'll get your prize.

You want to make me cum? You have to start with the mind.

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Chaosm said...

The body may cum when it gets fucked, but it's only when the mind's fucked too that you get an intense orgasm.
The more focused you stay in that mental place, the more powerful the physical quickening.