Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Neighbor might be (stalking is too strong a word) me.

I think the neighbour I mentioned in my last post is trying to hit on me/stalk me.
I'm not sure but after that last bravado of finding my YouTube channel I kept my eyes open for signs. 

Today on fb he edited his posts from 'publicly shared' to 'custom shared', the custom ones seemed to be either somehow connected to something I posted or I got the sinking feeling they were meant for me. The most obvious was when I posted about eating marshmallows and he posted a challenge between pizza and marshmallows. I happened to 'like' his post knowing it was aimed at me, I avoided commenting even though I didn't have my hunches yet. 

When he didn't get a comment (from me) he wrote his own comment, repeating the challenge with the phrase "I wonder which is better, pizzas or marshmallows". I ignored that too.  

Then he posted a quote from a poem by Garcia: to burn with desire and keep silent about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. (Again with a custom post)
I didn't like or comment on that one and later he posted a 'custom'/non public status update with the following phrase in French: Il est pas bien (it isn't good).

He also 'custom' posted a QR code. When I started to put two and two together I checked what the QR code was and it turned out to be his contact info including his phone number and email. 

His last attempt (at gaining my attention I think) was a post simply saying "wanting to get creative" with little camera emoticons. 

It seems obvious to me but it's not overly obvious considering he didn't send me private messages. His status updates up to this point have ALL been shared publicly, but this evening they were all 'custom' and no one else liked or commented on any of them. Fact is you can see a post is 'custom shared' but there's no way to tell who the person is sharing with. It could be that just one person is out of the loop, or it could be privately shared with just one or a few people.

I think it all started yesterday too, his first custom post ever was the phrase "what am I going to eat for dinner tomorrow?" No one answered, I didn't 'like' the post, I paid no attention to it whatsoever. But now... now I'm wondering whether he was hinting that his gf was going to be away for the evening.

I just hope, and I'm pretty sure, he hasn't found this blog. I've kept an eye on my stat counter and can't see any hits from here apart from myself. This, of course, unless he has an ip bouncing program like netshade or something. 

It's kinda creepy, but I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there's an explanation, maybe all those posts weren't JUST for me, maybe tomorrow there will be comments from others. Maybe his girlfriend will comment. They'd be noticed by her, especially the poem post.... right???

Crap I just noticed he's following me on instagram too... though that is more logical seeing as it's through fb contacts. 

The weirdest thing is that I have barely talked to the guy. In the year I've been living here I've seen him maybe 5 times, and talked to him at length just once when their washing machine broke and flooded our basement. I was down helping them shovel water. He barely says hello when I see him. He's EXTREMELY shy or something.


phoenix said...

uggg, I don't want to creep you out but I can almost guarantee they were for you. The camera icon. yeah. Sounds like he has done his homework on you. Sorry

phoenix said...

Watch out for him!

Advizor54 said...

I agree, it certainly feels intentional, but until he crosses the line into a direct invitation I'd hold back on anything drastic. If he crosses the line you have every right to confront him, gently if it will work, more sternly if needed, and, as a last resort, through his GF. That would do the trick. Of course, being a good neighbor is always a good policy.