Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Neighbour update

So I've kept my eye on my neighbour's posts and they've all been public since that day. 

I went back to look at the posts I imagine were aimed at me a couple times but no one commented or 'liked' them. Today I went back to check again and the three main posts were gone: the poem, the French post and the QR code. 

The post about pizza vs marshmallows and the 'feeling creative' posts were still up. They were the only ones I'd acknowledged by liking. This some how tells me they were for me. The fact he didn't delete those posts makes it pretty clear. 

Now I'm starting to feel bad for his gf. I won't tell her, I have no proof or certainty but he's a total jerk at this point. Right? He knows we've become friends and he tries to come on to me?! 


phoenix said...

Yeah, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

One bad line from some american movie: You love what you see.

If he meets you for a short moment somewhere in the city he falls deeply in love with you and forget you after the next beauty he sees.

Living so closely he starts to imagine things .. with you .. things he will NEVER d with his gf.

Thats called projection.
And as long as he can keep this projection of his wishes alive he feels super excited, aroused every time he sees you and so on ...

Seeing you every day, receiving positive signals an NO negative signals supports his projection - even though he is completely wrong. But THAT is how "love" works.

Best thing is to deconstruct his projection aka fantasies.
But in the real world it is hard if you don twanna be the bad and evil neigbouhr.
So mostly you can just *sing* Sit & Wait and hope that his projections get boring.
Therefore don't send him any signals if possible don't like anything of him (he understands that like a dog who got a treat;)

.. and welcome to Italy: Pray ;o)

Cande .. have fun .. with your neighbour .. and WITHOUT your other neighbour;o)

Good luck!


Cande said...

le: makes sense... I understand the projection. But we don't see each other every day. I haven't seen him in weeks. I may have seen him 5 times since I started livng here. THAT'S why it's so odd... And rather creepy.
Also why are you welcoming me to italy? Do you live in Italy?

Advizor54 said...

Perhaps he is pulling back for good reasons. We have written e-mails, posts, love letters and hate mail that we later come to regret, and even if we don't regret them, we feel that they are unwelcome by the intended recipient and so they are removed.

We all reach out, we want love and acceptance from those who can not give it and then we pull away, hoping that it doesn't hurt as much as the last time.

Anonymous said...

Raised as non-katholic I learned to love their katholic way of thinking:

Pray! - Believe in it! - and it will happen!

So if your faith is strong, you will be fine even with this weirdo;)

Please take this as a joke: You didn t see him more than 5 times. He does it all day, hidden behind the curtain ;o)

I hope! .. Advizor may be right, taking off his post also means moving back from his dellusions ;o) aka projections.

But for normal humans there is still a HUGE gap between building up projections and acting accordingly.
So if he is not used to operate for any kind of mafia I would judge him more shy than creepy ;)

Born as a sherman I moved south to Austria nearby the italian border (about 1 hour north of Udine)
And I loooove Italy .. that why I go for Gemona and Udine this weekend ;)


Cande said...

I'm not too worried about this guy, just keeping an eye on his movements. He's a little invasive but maybe it's all in game. who knows.

Have fun in Italy!